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My first sign of consciousness was the beeping of the monitor. I could hear it, the steady beat of my heart, and the hospital noises I despised so much. I tried to move my eyes, but they were heavy, and refused to open. I drifted back in to slumber.

"Is she ok?"

"She should be fine within a few days, although she'll never lose the scars."

Scars? I had scars? Where? Was I deformed? What had happened? What was going on? I heard the steady beeping getting faster, and then a sharp prick in my arm.

"We'll keep her sedated until we feel she's slept off most of the medication. Then she'll be on high dosage pain killers for at least a month."

A month? I could feel my brain being swallowed in to the darkness, and my thoughts were fuzzy. A month? I blanked out again seconds later.

This time when I woke, my brain was functioning, but I could feel nothing else. I could hear people talking, and I strained to hear them.

"I'm sorry to tell you all that your friend is in a coma. We can't tell when she'll wake up again..." I'm awake now! What are you talking about a coma?! I screamed. Except my lips didn't move. The scream was inside my head. I heard crying, and felt someone touching my hand.

"Alex wake up. Please babe, wake up." Logan. I'm here Logan, I'm here. I can hear you. Then I remembered what he'd done, and if it hadn't been for my lack of movemment I would have pulled my hand out of his and gave him a good slap. Then I heard Nessie's voice.

"Logan, leave her be. I told you, nothing you say will make her forgive you. Just leave her alone."

"Look Nessie, I don't know what gives you the right, but I still love her ok? And I'm gonna stay here until she wakes up."

"Oh no you're not!" Nessie again, just as Luke's voice said "Oi Logan, leave her alone." I could hear the beeps getting louder and faster on my monitor.

"Everyone will have to leave if you are going to carry on fighting. Can you not see you're stressing Miss Kenley? This is bad for her health." Murmured apologies followed. "Has anyone notified her parents?"

"They won't pick up. They went on holiday a month ago."

"And left her alone?"

"No she and her sister live together and the cook pops in everyday to see how they are."

"Well then I would appreciate if you got in touch with this woman and the sister." I heard the door open and people leaving. I felt darkness appearing again, and slipped away.

"Your highness?" I opened my eyes. Aiden was stood in front of me.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me. Again?" The dream was still vivid in my mind. A coma? In fact, I was beginning to work out it was not a dream, it was reality.

"Excuse me?"

"Sorry, I'm just stressed." Yes, stressed about the fact I keep changing worlds and both of them seem to be reality.

"You fell asleep. I did not realise I was boring you so much."

"Oh no, you weren't. I just... I didn't get much sleep last night, what with everything that happened."

"Ah yes. Of course. You know that if you wish it, I shall leave and never return to your kingdom again. I am sure that you will be a great Queen, without the help of a husband at your side." I looked at Aiden with new eyes. He seemed modest and sincere, and there was a softness in his eyes that set him apart from Logan. Maybe I should stop comparing the two.

"Aiden, I wish we had met under different circumstances. I wish that you were not my betrothed, because then I do believe I would not dislike you at all. In fact I believe I would have accepted you last night. But I do not like to be forced in to things, and so you are in my way. Do you see now why I don't want to marry you? It is not because you are not a good man. It is because you are the man I am supposed to marry. For duty, and not for love."

"Then let me get to know you, and you I, adn then I can ask you to marry me if we truly do love each other, without it being forced upon us. If we do not feel the same way, I shall leave, but we will remain stong through a bond of friendship and, I hope, mutual respect."

Aiden grew in my eyes as he spoke, and I nodded in agreement. Perhaps he was not a complete moron after all.

The End

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