Is She Going To Make It?Mature


Everything seemed to be passing in a blur, like I couldn't touch anything and I didn't have any sort of control.  One moment Pippa was fine, the next there were doctors everywhere and she was being wheeled away on her bed.  I tried to keep hold of her hand, not wanting her to be alone but the nurses pushed me back, telling me to give them some space so they could look after my friend.

As Pippa was taken through a set of doors at one end of the ward was escorted through the door I had come in through and was directed back to the reception area by the nurse.

I hadn't noticed how many people I knew were waiting in the hospital.  I'd expected Eric to be there, after all he had promised to look after Pippa and Alex for me, and Luke had come in with me, but somehow Logan, Ellie and Matt had all found out about the accident and were sitting in the reception area when I opened the door.

'How is she?'  Matt asked, his face expressing the same concern that was shared by everyone else in the room.

'Not good guys,' I said, 'not good.'

'What's happened?'  Eric asked, taking hold of my hand and leading me towards a seat.

'I don't know.  One minute she was fine and the next all the machines were beeping at me and Pippa had stopped talking to me.  The doctors told me nothing, just whisked me out of the ward.'

'But Pippa's going to be OK,' Luke said, sitting next to me and holding my hand.

'I don't know,' I said, suddenly realising that I was crying.  I hadn't noticed the tears falling down my face, but now I could hardly speak for sobs.  In my head it was all my fault.  If I hadn't picked a fight with Logan then Pippa wouldn't have ended up in hospital so Alex wouldn't have had to drive her home and there would have been no accident.

'Crying isn't going to help her,' Luke whispered, holding me against him and kissing the top of my head.  'Neither Pippa nor Alex would want to see you like this.  They would want you to be strong.'

'But it's so hard.  What if I lose them?'

'I can't lose Alex,' Logan said, pacing up and down in front of me.  'I have to make her see what an idiot I've been.  I have to get her back.'

'She's not going to forgive you,' I said, managing to get the words out.  'You've hurt her Logan, you've broken her heart and even I don't know how to fix it.  Saying sorry isn't going to win her back.'

'I have to try,' he said, not angered by my words this time.  We both knew there had been enough violence and people getting hurt today.

'Are you Miss Bramley's friends?'  A softly spoken nurse approached us, a clipboard under her arm.

'Yes,' I said, standing up and dragging Luke with me, my hand firmly clasping his for reassurance.  'What's happened?'

'I'm afraid it's not good,' the nurse said.  'Pippa has some internal bleeding that didn't show up on her original tests.  Her blood pressure has dropped dangerously low and her heartbeat is irregular.  She's been taken into theatre to stop the bleeding but we have no idea how bad the damage is.'

'But she is going to be alright?'  I said, feeling the sobs gathering in my chest again.  'The doctors can fix her.'

'We don't know.  But I need to know if anyone has called her parents.  They need to be informed of what is going on.'

'I can do that now,' I said, wiping the streaky tears off my face.  'What do I say?'

'Just tell them their daughter is seriously ill and they have to come to the hospital right away.  Can you do that?'

I nodded and approached the pay phone on the wall, digging into my pockets for some change.

'Are you sure you can do this?'  Luke asked, following me away from the others.

'I have to, Pippa's mum and dad have to be here.  Just hold my hand,' I said, squeezing Luke's fingers tightly.

'Of course.'

I dialed the number and waited, listening to the ringing on the other end of the line, praying that someone was in and would pick up.

'Hello?'  A woman's voice answered.

'Mrs Bramley?  My name is Vanessa Jones, I'm a friend of Pippa's.  There's been an accident.'

The End

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