Ellie: CommotionMature

After a while, the door opened and all of our heads turned hopefully only to see Luke walking in with a tray of coffee.

'Sorry,' he muttered sheepishly.

I heaved a sigh of exasperation.

'I can't take this any more! How long are they gonna be?'

'Babe, you gotta be patient.' Matt squeezed my hand and out of the corner of my eye I saw Logan narrowing his eyes imperceptibly. Great. Now was so not the time for that. I glared straight back at Logan until his head dropped.

'Where's Nessie?' Luke questioned, completely oblivious to the silent exchange between me and Logan.

'She went to check on Pippa. She's only allowed one visitor at a time,' Logan mumbled.

'Oh, and so it was her that was allowed to?' 

We all stared at Eric. 

'I-I'm sorry I'm just...really worried about her. About them both.' Eric's eyes shone and his voice cracked. He dropped his head into his hands and began shaking ever so slightly.

I got up automatically, crossed the room over to Eric and sat down next to him. I put one arm awkwardly around his shoulder and tried to comfort him but he brushed me off.

'Don't touch me,' he whispered, seething.

'I'm sorry Eric. I was only trying to help,' I replied pathetically.

'It's all your fault,' he accused, turning around to face me. 'You and...Logan. If you hadn't had this stupid fling, none of this would have happened! Logan wouldn't have lost it and attacked Pippa, Pippa wouldn't have been in hospital and Alex wouldn't have needed to drive them both home!'

Hurt tore through me at his words, a giant tidal wive of shame and guilt rendering me speechless. I'd never considered it like that before. God, if anything should happen to Alex or Pippa, it would be all my fault.

'How dare you,' Logan growled. He crossed the room in one swift motion and yanked Eric up by the collar of his shirt. 'You think we wanted this?! You have no right to put the blame on us! We're just as worried as you are. Sure, we made a mistake and we're gonna live to regret it for the rest of our lives but don't you dare, don't you dare say this our fault!'

'Guys!' Luke got in between the two and tried his best to separate them. Eric's eyes were round with fear and Logan was burning with fury. I'd never seen him this angry before, it frightened me a little. 'Fighting is not going to help the situation at hand okay? All we can do is just, wait. Wait for some news.'

Right on cue, the door opened again and Nessie entered.

'How is she?' Matt asked.

'Not good guys,' Nessie's cheeks were wet and she was shaking her head. 'Not good.'

The End

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