I must have been out for mere minutes because when i awoke i was still stuck upsidedown in Alex's car unable to move. I looked over at Alex who had gone very pale and was unconcious - she had taken a serious beating, blood covered her. I looked down trying to release my leg from where it had become trapped. My leg was covered in blood and i could feel blood coming from my head when i had hit it.

I started to panic, and i tried to yell but i couldnt make much noise. Shards of broken glass covered both Alex and me and found a piece was jammed firmly into my trapped leg another in my hand - ouch.  I cried out in pain as i tried to pull the glass from my hand but it was no use.

Then someone appeared by the broken passengers window - It was Eric, his words were soothing to me as he said, "I have called an ambuluance, its on its way." I let out an sob as eric reached his hand into the car and stroked the hand nearest him with his thumb. "It will be okay, i promise you." He was incredibly calm, dispite the situation and kept constantly reasurring me.

"Alex, is she okay?" I sobbed, i didnt care about whether I was okay I was more worried about Alex. Eric walked around the car to where Alex was and placed two fingers on her neck. "Shes alive but her pulse is weak, I am sure she will be fine" he said before walking around the car to where I was.

After what seemed an age the ambulance came, closely followed by the fire brigade. A fire fighter named George kneeled down by the car and said calmly "Right now sweetheart, whats your name?" "Pippa" I sobbed - the pain was excruciating. "Okay, Pippa we are going to have to cut you out your leg is firmly trapped - we can get your friend out but your just going to have to wait a little bit longer okay?" I nodded. George then turned to Eric and said "are you alright to stay with her until we are able to get her out?" Eric nodded and then George passed me an oxygen mask, "Just breath as deeply as you can Pippa ... thats good ... Just like that."

The firemen managed to get Alex safely out the car and then preceded to cut my leg free, I concentrated hard on breathing as deeply as a could to try and ignore the agony that I was in - squeezing Erics hand as I did so.

When I was finally pulled out of the car, I was put onto a stretchure and placed into the ambulance, Alex was still out cold and if I hadn't seen her chest moving ever so slightly up and down i would have been sure that she was dead.

We reached the hospital very quickly, Eric had followed in the car and when we arrived Alex was rushed straight to ITU and i was taken to x-ray so that the doctors could see what was broken.

The x-rays showed me to have two broken ribs and a broken leg, stiches were needed for where the glass had been pulled from my leg and hand then I was taken onto a normal ward for recovery. "How is Alex?" I asked the nurse who has just supplied me with painkillers. "You just concentrate on getting yourself better, I cannot tell you anymore." I looked annoyingly at her and she added in "You both had a lucky escape and your in for a long stretch here, you ribs and leg need time to mend." she walked away before i could reply.

I took the pain killers and sat in the bed, bored out of my skull, Eric had gone home after he had made sure I was okay - giving me a kiss on the head before departing. After about a hour of doing nothing but staring and the cream wall, and trying to sleep just so i wasn't bored Nessie ran in.

She grabbed me and pulled me tightly into a hug

"Ow, that hurts."

"Sorry" she said pulling away, her eyes were red and she had obviously been crying and she looked relieved to see that i was okay.

"Don't worry" i said smiling at her warmly

"Have they told you anything about Alex?  It's driving me crazy not knowing.  The doctors keep telling me I should concentrate on getting better which must mean she's pretty bad." I asked her.

She frowned at me, "I don't know, they haven't told me anything either.  But she has to get better.  She has to." Tears has swelled up in her eyes and she sank to the floor. "I was so worried when I heard Alex's scared voice over the phone and then nothing, then i find out that you both have been in a car accident, you look in bad shape, much damage?" she asked wiping her eyes.

"Two broken ribs and a broken leg and i have had a whole lot of stitches. "Oh Pippa" she sobbed "I am glad that your okay.

I yawned - couldnt help it but then I crunched up my body as pain flooded through me - my chest ached and I couldnt breathe. My vision blurred into darkness but i was still dimly aware are Nessie's shouts of "Pippa, Pippa, No" dimly aware of a bleeping noise that filled my ears. I could feel my bed moving and people, probably doctors shouting things. Every sound merged together in one big din,  i still couldn't see anything.

Everything was noisy.

Everything was silent.


The End

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