From the SidelinesMature


Pippa's been through it today. All I can say is thank goodness I was driving the same way. I'd been following that lorry for a bit, keeping well back because it was driving pretty badly. It was just bad luck that made Pippa and Alex be the ones to crash. I saw them roll, vaguely recognised the number plate, pulled over to the hard shoulder and dialed an ambulance. It was only then that I saw who was in the car.

I feel so bad. Nessie looks like she's nearly in tears, and Luke's here, but he seems awkward. That's strange. They were so close just a little bit earlier...

I blink. Everything feels like it's going really slowly, it has done for a while now. It's an effort for me to think, to look around, to just breathe. Why is this? I feel like there's something I'm missing, something incredibly important that I need to remember, and it's just there, taunting me, out of sight, and I can't quite remember what it is.

Am I going mad, do you think?

That was a rhetorical question, as there's no one here to answer it.

It's funny, because today I've really been in the thick of it. But I still feel like I'm watching it all, watching from the sidelines.

So is this lonely shyness caused by a lack of friends?

Or is it caused by me?

The End

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