Ellie: An accidentMature

I was so incredibly bored.

Normally at this time I would probably be heading out into town with Alex and the gang but that could no longer happen, for obvious reasons. Instead, I was curled up on my bed flicking through the various channels with my cat dozing on my lap. I told myself I didn't care, but I knew that was a lie.

I longed more than anything for somebody to ring me up, preferably someone who didn't hate me, and invite me out.

I sighed and clicked the telly off, deciding there was nothing decent on.

Everybody else was sleeping peacefully but sleep was the last thing on my mind. My thoughts kept drifting back to the dream I'd had the other night. Everyone was in it, Alex, Pippa, Nessie even Logan. It was such a peculiar dream, so lifelike. I could still remember every single detail, no matter how insignificant.

My mobile phone buzzed next to me and I jumped, breaking out of my reverie. One look at the number on the screen caused me to scrunch my nose up in disgust and decide to ignore it.

There was no way I was speaking to Logan at the minute, not after everything that he'd done.

The phone eventually stopped ringing but sounded again seconds later, indicating that I had a message.

I flipped it open reluctantly and read what he'd sent me.

Why aren't you answering? Pippa and Alex have been in a car accident, meet us all at the hospital. X

He didn't need to ask twice.

I threw on some jeans and a sweater and rushed downstairs into the darkness.

Fumbling along the wall for the car keys, my mind instantly thought the worse. Was it serious? 

I didn't bother leaving a note as I ran out into the night.


'Where are they?' I demanded as soon as I was inside.

Nessie, Logan, Matt and Eric all stood there staring at me.

'They're in the emergency ward,' Logan told me gently. 'Pippa's fine, but Alex....' his voice broke off, eyes glistening with unshed tears.

Nessie reluctantly put a hand on Logan's shoulder.

'Hey, we've got to be positive okay? They're going to be alright. They're in good hands...'

'What even happened?' Matt came to stand by me and slipped his hand into mine.

'Some lorry tried to overtake them and the car ended up flipped upside down at the bottom of a grassy verge. Alex called me, but she must have passed out by the time I answered.'

'What do the doctors say?' 

'They're doing everything they can. Like I said, Pippa's in a more stable condition than Alex, but the injuries were pretty severe. We can only hope they're going to be okay.' Logan was fighting to keep the tears back and to keep up the bravado, but I don't think anybody was fooled.

That's where we stayed, in the waiting area. A room that could bring only two kinds of news: good or bad. Which it was going to be, we had no idea. 

The End

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