We got into the car outside the hospital and headed out of the car park, none of us spoke much until we got out onto the main road. I broke the silence in the end by asking Nessie quite casually,

“Are you and Luke still on for coming over at the weekend?”

Nessie smiled “Yeah the sooner we all get to normality the better”

Ten minutes later we waved a cheery bye to Nessie before setting off again towards my house.

“Unfortunately the quickest route my house has been closed off for road works meaning you will have cross the dual carriageway to get to my house, is that okay with you?”

“No sweat, I have crossed hundreds of times its fine” she said smiling at me warmly.

We sat quietly for a while watching the outside world flicker passed, the radio had tuned itself into the travel, Alex turned it up and we strained our ears to listen.

 Everywhere seems to be coping pretty well around the area, no accidents to report however traffic on the A19 seems to be extremely busy and there are some queues forming as we reach rush hour so please take it easy if you are planning on using the A19. Any travel information please call 0845 600 533

“Typical Friday night traffic then” Alex said with a chuckle, turning the radio down as the traffic report finished.

“Looks like it” I said

As we neared the A19 junction, we could see a queue forming ahead towards the A19, and looking ahead I could see that the whole dual carriageway was gridlocked. Alex drummed her fingers on the steering wheel impatiently waiting for the traffic to move.

“Finally” she said exasperated when the traffic finally moved and we drove up to the junction.

We made it to the central reservation fine, she just nipped across when a gap appeared, and she gave me a cocky smile as we waited to move to the other side of the road.

Cars sped along at great speed making us wait for ages for what we thought was a suitable gap.

Alex revved her engine and moved to the other side of the road, however she must have misjudged the speed that a huge lorry was going at, and it swerved passed to overtake us but as it did so the car was pushed off course by the lorry.

We veered down a hill on the other side of the dual carriageway, and the car began to roll – we screamed as we were knocked from side to side and the windows smashed in on us.

The car smashed through a fence into a field and the car stopped its roll finishing up on its roof.

I was surprised I was still conscious, I tried to move but I couldn’t, I looked over at Alex who looked as scared as me – thankfully we were both still alive.

We were both covered in blood. Alex managed to pull her phone from her pocket and she dialed the first number that came into her head – I saw her put the phone to her ear and cry “Nessie!”

However, that’s all she said, the phone dropped out of sight and I could see Alex fighting to stay conscious – I could hear Nessie’s voice coming from wherever the phone had dropped but I couldn’t say a word.

Alex became still, and I struggled helplessly trying to loosen myself but it was no use I was trapped.

Could anything else go wrong? was the last thing I remember thinking before I too was shrouded by blackness. 

The End

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