Nessie told me that Pippa was still in hospital over the phone, so I drove there instead of home. Nessie met me at the hospital enterance.

"Is she ok?" Nessie sighed.

"No, she's still out. The nurse says she can probably go home when she wakes up, but right now she's not responding. They say she's sleeping it off.!

"I'm gonna kill Aiden."


"Oh sorry, I mean Logan. I just had a weird dream, that's all."

"Um, ok. Well Pippa's in here."

We went in and sat next to Pippa's bed. She looked like she was asleep, but her face looked pale, and the bandage around her head couldn't cover the fact that a lump had formed where she had hit the wall. After an hour or two I fell asleep, and only woke up when Nessie shook me.

"Alex, I think she's waking up!" We both leaned over her. Pippa's eyes flickered open.

"Pippa, Pippa thank god your awake" said Nessie.

"Yeah you had us both worried" I said watching her eyes focus. She looked round.

 "What happened" Her voice was groggy.

"You hit your head" Nessie said her voice trembling slightly.

Pippa sat up, looking at Nessie. I saw that tears had appeared in her eyes.

 "Hey, whats the matter?" Pippa said pulling her into a hug. I put my arm around Nessie's shoulders.

"Its my fault your here, if i had controlled my anger then Logan wouldn't have hit you, he meant to hit me!" 

 "Ness" Pippa said hugging her tighter "I'm tough i'll live, i'm still here aren't I?"

Just then a nurse came in and seeing Pippa was awake took some notes and then said that she could go home in an hour.

When we were released, I offered the pair of them a lift home. They accepted gratefully. We got in my car and headed to Nessie's house, which was closest.

The End

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