Regaining ConsciousnessMature


I opened my eyes to a blur of colour and light, i couldn't make out where I was but wherever it was it was noisy. Beeping noises and footsteps and voices ... two of them, I strained my ears trying to hear what they were saying.

"Pippa, Pippa thank god your awake" said a blurred face that i still couldnt make out

"Yeah you had us both worried" said the other blurred face

my eyes adjusted and the faces of Nessie and Alex came into focus, looks of relief on their faces.  I looked around and saw that i was in a small room in what could only be the hospital.  "What happened" i asked groggily

"You hit your head" Nessie said her voice trembling slightly

I sat up, aware of the tears swelling up in her eyes, "Hey, whats the matter?" I said pulling her into a hug.

"Its my fault your here, if i had controlled my anger then Logan wouldn't have hit you, he meant to hit me!"  "Ness" I said hugging her tighter "I'm tough i'll live, i'm still here arn't I?" i said in a comforting voice

At that moment the nurse walked in, she smiled when she saw that i was awake and within an hour she said that i was fine to go home.

What a day it has been!

The End

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