'It's so beautiful here,' I couldn't help smiling as Matt lead me through the forest. The bottom of my dress trailed along the floor collecting up dirt and soil, but I didn't care. 

The sun was just rising, throwing everything into a light amber shade, tinting the trees a golden brown, illuminating the sky a wonderful gold. Everything was some shade of orange, with a dash of pink and a streak of blue. It was like some large, wonderful painting, so vivid and lifelike.

'A beautiful place, for a beautiful lady.'

I blushed at Matt's compliment and let him lead me further. Occasionally, he would stroke my hand with his thumb, or he'd look at me with the most loving, tender look in his eyes that made my heart melt. Little gestures that made me feel like one in a million.

I was suddenly overcome with an incredible bout of dizziness and I swayed on my feet, my hand flying up to my eyes.

Matt steadied me.

'Elizabeth? Are you okay?'

'Yeah,' I mumbled. 'Sorry about that. I don't know what it is.'

'Perhaps we should sit down.'

'No,' I smiled at him. 'It's fine. I'm okay.' 

He looked at me uncertainly. His large, chocolate brown eyes were the last thing I saw before I hit the ground, the world plunging into darkness.

* * *

Something loud and shrill broke through my unconsciousness, dragging me back to reality. My arm flailed out from under the duvet and connected with the metallic object that had disturbed me from my slumber.

'Damn alarm clock,' I muttered into the pillow.

And then I remembered last nights dream. What an incredibly long, incredibly realistic, dream that had been...

Something stirred within me. A gentle mourning for the guy in it. Matt, was his name? He had looked a lot like, no...exactly like the Matt I know. 

I shrugged my shoulders. Probably all the stress I'd been under. It had finally caught up to me.

The End

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