"You!" It was all I could say as I watched Aiden, Prince of Annoying ride towards me, looking just as surprised.

"Alexandria, what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? This is my kingdom, and I can ride where I like. What are you doing here?"

"Nathaniel suggested a horse ride." I immediately felt suspicious and turned to stare at Courtney who was looking ahead calmly. She surely couldn't have had something to do with this? I turned back to Aiden. I had to at least try to be civil.

"You like to ride?"

"I love to ride."

"As do I. Up for a race Aiden? Or are you too chicken?" I grinned a little, thinking this might be a chance to humiliate him.

"You are on." He turned his horse. "I may even give you a head start."

"I don't need it." I almost smiled at his self confidence. He was so easy to be with if a proposal wasn't hanging over my head. Logan. I spurred Destria in to a gallop and watched as Aiden did the same. There were no following hooves. Evidently this was a time for us to be alone. Definately a set up. I raced against Aiden, finding him to be a talented horseman, and good sport to race with. Half way through our eyes met, filled with the joy of the flight, and for a moment we smiled. Then I remembered I wasn't really supposed to like him much, and turned my head to focus on beating him.

We raced and raced, until our horses started to tire. I signalled to him we should stop, and dismounted from Destria gracefully. I patted her nose and sent her to the river.

"Not a bad rider Aiden."

"I could say the same for you Alexandria." He grinned and I felt my lips twitch in a smile. Then I looked around for a distraction. This was the same place Aiden had met me the previous day. Suddenly my eyes fell on a tree, the branches on with twisted in a peculiar way. Logan. There it was. That name again, except now it was louder, more prominent. "Alexandria, are you alright?" Aiden touched my arm. I turned sharply.

"Fine. I'm fine." He grimaced slightly at my hasty retreat, but turned to face the other way, his back to the tree.

"You have a fine kingdom."

"Yes." I walked towards the tree as he continued to look at the view. It was beautiful. Something about the way the branches twisted, it almost looked like... like a door...

"You know, I never really knew why you refused to see me all those years ago. I always wanted to..." Aiden's voice faded away, and I was enveloped in darkness.

The sun had set, and my jeans were still covered in mud from where I'd been sleeping. I needed to get back to the car. I began walking through the wood until I managed to clamber in to the drivers seat of my beloved porsche.

Some dream, about a boy called Logan cheating on me, and a girl called Pippa. Aislinn would not believe me if I...wait no. That wasn't a dream. That is real life. The whole palace, princess thing was a dream... wasn't it? I looked back at the tree and shuddered. Something really freaky was going on here.

The End

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