A Cunning PlanMature


Needless to say, it hasn't gone well.

My master is a great man, and I really truly value his friendship above all else. I am lucky to have my position, this I know. But I can't help feeling that when it comes to the affairs of the heart, he...

I don't know. I don't pretend to be an expert. Ha! The very idea is ridiculous. Sometimes I feel so very out of my depth, for all my strange knowledge.

Perhaps I ought to talk to him. Again. Goodness knows, I've tried enough times. But not now - everything's wrong now. And I know he takes my counsel seriously, but can I really expect him, a Prince, to change his behaviour on the recommendation of a servant?

I leave Aiden in his chambers, hoping he will mull over his behaviour and come to the conclusion to change it. He just needs to be less forward, that's all. She needs to have a chance to accept him, get to know him. An undisturbed walk, or even ride - she's a good horsewoman, and Aiden's pretty impressive too - in the forest would be ideal.

I turn the idea over in my head. Yes... If I could orchestrate it, play the matchmaker for these two, then I'm sure they'll find they've got much more in common than simply titles and responsibilities.

And my master really does love the Princess. But for the wrong reasons, I feel. He loves her as a woman, which is good, but he also needs to respect her as a companion.

I'm so engrossed in my thoughts that I walk straight into Courtney, who's coming the other way.

'Oh, I'm so sorry!' I've nearly knocked her over. Gosh, I feel bad.

'No, don't worry, it's nothing,' she murmurs. Her eyelashes are wet. She's been crying.

Now I feel even worse.

'Are you alright, Courtney?'

She lifts her eyes to my face and smiles slightly. 'Yes, I'm fine. I was just thinking, that's all.'

I nod slightly, and let it go. Remember what I was saying about being out of my depth?

Then it occurs to me. I can't suggest a ride in the woods to Her Highness, she'd probably throw something at me. But Courtney's her friend - or even better, Aislinn... I'm sure the Princess would listen to them.

'Courtney, I was wondering if you'd do me a favour... ?'

And I explain my cunning plan.

The End

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