I Didn't Mean ItMature


I immediately regretted the words that came out of my mouth as soon as I had said them.  Courtney's face had immediately crumpled and her eyes had filled up with tears as she fled from the room.

I didn't know what to do.  On the one hand I was meant to be watching the door so no one would disturb Alexandria and Aiden, but on the other I couldn't let Courtney run off like that thinking I didn't care.

I followed my instincts and ran after Courtney, praying that no one would want to go outside before I got back.  I knew exactly where Courtney would be, hiding in her room, the door firmly shut behind her.  I followed in her footsteps along the corridor and up the grand staircase to the first floor, then along another corridor to her bedroom door.

'Courtney?'  I said softly, knocking on the door.  'Courtney, can I come in?'  There was no response so I opened the door anyway, treading carefully into my friend's personal space.  'I'm so sorry,' I said, approaching Courtney's bed where she was curled up in a tight ball.  'I wasn't thinking.  Tonight has been a rough night, with my father finding out about me and Luke and Alexandria and Aiden.  Courtney please say something.  I feel like an idiot talking to myself.'

'Is it my fault?'

'Is what your fault?'  I sat down on the edge of the bed, gently placing my hand on Courtney's shoulder.

'Is it my fault that my father hasn't arranged a marriage for me?'

'Of course not.  How can that be your fault?  It's your father's decision whether or not to arrange a marriage for you.  It just turns out that your father isn't as strict as mine.'

'But is it because he doesn't want me to be forced into a marriage I don't want, or is it because he doesn't think he would be able to find someone who would want to marry me?'

'That's stupid Courtney.  You are beautiful and clever and a wonderful friend.  Any man would be lucky to have you.  And Nathaniel is pretty keen on you.'  I felt Courtney laugh, the bed moving slightly.  'So don't put yourself down.'

'Thanks Aislinn,' Courtney said, sitting up and hugging me.  'That's what I needed.'

'Want to go back downstairs?'  I asked.  'I'm meant to be watching the door for Alexandria and I will be in big trouble if someone has decided to get some air.'

'OK then, I'll clean myself up and join you downstairs in a minute.'

I hurried out of Courtney's room and back downstairs.  I could hear the commotion in the hall as soon as I reached the grand staircase.

'Oh no,' I muttered, breaking into a run.  'What's happened now?'

The End

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