An Unintentional Hurtful CommentMature


I stood with Aislinn staring out of the glass doors, the doors must be soundproof as none of their conversation could be heard from them - not that i would want to eavesdrop.

"Do you think that can sort out their differences" I asked Aislinn a look of uncertainty in my eyes. "Alexandria can be very persuasive when she wants to be, i am sure she can find a way to get what she wants" Aislinn said without taking her eyes from the pair.

"It must be terrible being forced into a marriage that is not wanted" i said without thinking, instantly regretting it. "Well you're just little miss lucky aren't you, If you care to remember my lover got beaten up by my father tonight because i am arranged to be married to someone else!" A look of shock played on her face as she realised what she had actually said.

I could feel tears swelling up in my eyes as the full force of her words hit me, I turned on my heels and hurried away, getting fainter i could hear Aislinn shouting "No ... no Courtney come back" i could hear her voice breaking but I broke into a run towards my bedroom tears now running down my face.

Her words had really hurt - it wasnt my fault that my dad had chosen not to arrange my marriage ... was it? 

The End

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