Doing The Right ThingMature


I was having a good cry outside, getting rid of all my locked away emotions, when Alexandria appeared in front of me, much to my amazement.

'But, I thought-'

'I'm going to try and sort this out without running away first,' Alexandria said, her voice firm.  'Fetch Aiden to me and make sure he comes alone Aislinn. I will stop this nonsense.'

I nodded, slightly dazed by what was happening.  So much had happened already tonight and I could feel that there was going to be more drama before we all managed to get to bed.

I wove my way through the crowded hall, searching desperately for Aiden, a harder task than I had anticipated.  But that was understandable, as when I found him he was surrounded by admiring ladies and butch men.  I wiggled my way to the front, smiling and putting my hand on Aiden's arm.

'Your Highness,' I simpered.  'Please excuse me for the intrusion but the Queen has asked me to find you.  A matter of high importance, she said.'

'Thank you Aislinn,' he said, his face screwing up slightly as he said my name, like he wasn't too sure it was right.  He excused himself from his gathering and offered his arm to me, which I took.

I led him across the hall, trying not to draw attention to us, something very tricky when you are walking with the Prince everyone thinks will marry their Princess.  But I managed to get him outside without anyone following.

'What are we doing out here?'  Aiden asked, confused.  'The Queen is sitting on her throne.'

'I'm sorry your Highness,' I said.  'I wasn't quite telling the truth.'

'What do you mean?'

'It's not the Queen who wants to see you.'

'It's me,' Alexandria said, stepping out of the shadows.  'Thank you Aislinn.  I assume no one followed you.'

'Of course not.  Shall I leave?'

'If you could watch the doors for me to make sure no one disturbs us that would be wonderful.'

'Of course,' I said, blowing Alexandria a kiss behind Aiden's back before going back inside, shutting the glass doors behind me and hovering in the doorway.  I hoped they could sort out their differences, if not for my sanity but for theirs.  I knew their parents and they would fight for as long as they had to until Aiden and Alexandria were married.  I could understand that sort of pressure.

'What's going on out there?'  Courtney asked, walking over and looking out of the doors.

'Alexandria is talking to Aiden.  She said she wanted to try and sort things out before running away.'

'It's the right thing to do, isn't it?'

'I suppose.'

The End

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