Nathaniel Firebrand was reasoning, and made me re-think my escape. But I didn't want to marry Aiden.

"How am I supposed to stop him from proposing?"

"You could speak to him before hand?"

"As soon as I appear everything will stop and he will propose. You know that."

"Then ask one of your friends to fetch him to you in the garden and speak reasonably to him, instead of pushing him away with angry words."

"Very well, but if he does not take heed then I shall ride and you will not stop me."

"I may..."

"It was not a question. It was an order."

"Your higness." He bowed. I turned my horse back and rode in to the courtyard. Aislinn was still stood outside, her eyes wet. She was shocked to see me.

"I thought..."

"I'm going to try and sort this out without running away first. Fetch Aiden to me and make sure he comes alone Aislinn. I will stop this nonsense."

I watched as she walked away and sighed. I did so hope he would not propose. He only wished ot do so for his kingdom, not his heart. If he loved me, I would feel bad about rejecting and humiliating him.

As it was, his only concern was for his kingdom and his owning mine once my parents were dead. I shook myself from this frame of mind. I must talk to him positively, else he may propose just to spite me.

The End

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