Running awayMature

"Ladies, I'm leaving."


"I refuse to marry a man I don't love, and if I stay here I won't have a choice. I have to go, and I know just the person to help." The girls tried to talk me out of the idea but I refused to listen. Aislinn appeared from the hall minutes later with Matthew.

"Matthew, you have to help me. I have to go before Aiden proposes."


"He's going to propose tonight, and I can't refuse if he does!"

"What can I do to help?"

"Can you get me a horse?"


"I'm leaving and I'm not stopping until I'm far away."

"But your family..."

"The only people I'll miss are my ladies and you."

"Then I shall accompany you."

"No you can't. If you did, they might think you had run away with me. You must stay here. Hurry though, someone will be along soon to find me."

He disappeared, appearing minutes later with my horse.

"There my lady. Be safe." He kissed my hand and helped me up. I waved at him, Aislinn and Courtney, then urged Destria in to a gallop. I refuse to be entrapped in to a marriage.

I refuse.

The End

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