Elizabeth NewtonMature

I had always adored getting ready for such dances. I liked to spend a while making sure I looked beautiful, that I would have claimed the attention of every male in the room. Sifting through my wardrobe, I pulled out a dress I saved for such occasions. It was a deep blue color that hugged my figure all the way to just past my knees . The neckline was a cut into a V which showed a vast proportion of my ivory skin. I accentuated this with a silver necklace, a simple diamond encrusted stone sitting in the base of my throat.

I decided to tie my hair into an elegant updo, choosing blue ribbon that matched the dress, letting ringlets of blonde hair hang past my chin. 

'You look beautiful.'

I smiled at the voice behind me and felt a warm surge of pleasure as his arms slid around my waist, shivering delicately as he pressed his lips to my neck.

'Matt, you shouldn't be in a lady's bedroom when she is changing.'

'I know, I couldn't wait to see you though.'

I spun round to face him and kissed him. 

'Such a gentleman,' I giggled.

'Let's skip the party tonight,' Matt whispered, snaking his arm around me further, pulling me closer to him.

'You know we can't do that, people'll talk. Besides, Alexandria will get nosy, you know what she's like.'

Matt obviously detected the distaste in my tone and cocked an eyebrow. His warm brown eyes were quizzical and a smile played at his lips.

'You do not like our Princess Alexandria?' 

'I'm not saying I do not like her.' I gave him a knowing look and he quickly caught on. You never knew who was listening and if I was overheard speaking badly of the Princess, terrible things could happen.

'Let's go.' I linked my fingers through Matt's and guided him down the stairs, through the ornate double doors and into the ludicrously over decorated ballroom. 

'Care for a dance, my lady?' Matt bowed down, offering me his hand once again.

'It would be my pleasure,' I laughed, taking a small courtesy and letting him lead me into the middle of the floor. We began spinning gracefully to the sound of violins, harps and other such string instruments. I rested my head on his shoulder, letting my feet find my way for me and closed my eyes, perfectly content.

However, several moments later a crash, accompanied by deep shouts broke us out of our reverie.

'What on Earth...?'

I followed Matt to find out what the commotion was and found Lord Skydance engaged in a fight with one of the servants, Lucas I think his name was. He was raining several punches down on him, but Lucas merely took them without defending himself.

'This is no place for a lady,' Matt's voice was filled with disapproval. Obviously not wanting to see what would happen, or actually caring for the servants well being for that matter, he linked his arm around my shoulders and guided me outside.

The sun was just setting, casting a warm honey glow across the sky, tainting the clouds a rosy pink color. 

Matt pulled me over to one of the stone benches where we sat down.

'I wonder what that was about,' I mused.

'Just another dispute. They happen all the time. Oh well, at least I have you to myself now, uninterrupted.'

A warm blush spread itself slowly across my cheeks and I looked up at him demurely, through my lashes.

'I love you so much, Elizabeth.'

'I love you too Matt.' 

And that is how we stayed.

Us sitting together, hand in hand, watching the sun sink further into the sky, not caring about anything else but each other, just living in the moment.

The End

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