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I watched dejected as I saw Matthew Lovett spin Alexandria gracefully around the ballroom, all eyes were set on them in a mesmerizing fashion. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist as I saw how effortlessly he glided her through dance floor. Her smile and complexion was that of great enjoyment, something she hadn't done when she had been dancing with me. She was polite and composed to say the least and I was clumsy as always.

The sonorous sound of her laughter reached my ears; furious, I spun around to avoid glaring at them. I didn't want to attract unwanted attention or thoughts that I was jealous of a man with a lower social ranking than myself. Nobody thought wrong of Matthew, after all, they know he was a great friend of Alexandria and she had expressed countless of times he might be her missing brother.

"An archer!" I fumed, "who would've thought!"

A soft chuckled resounded behind me, "Aiden, you will never change."

I turned around and saw Nathaniel Firebrand laughing in mirth. His red hair was shining beneath the candelabrum and his eyes were brilliantly jovial. "Shut it," I hissed turning sideways and casting a glance toward the dancing couple. Annoyed, I turned around again to face my best friend. "I thought you were dancing with that girl, friend of Alexandria..."

"Courtney," Nathaniel said, "I finished my piece with her and decided to accompany my lonesome friend." He pursed his lips, then added, "I guess I see why Alexandria opposes this engagement so much, you don't even take time to get to know her friends nor their names."

I blushed and snorted, "did she told you she opposed of it?" One thing I sometimes hated about Nathaniel was his direct and truthful statements. I reached inside my pocket and touched the little box I had with me since I was seventeen.

"No, but I can tell," he said, and watched the couple slightly amused. "She thinks you are marrying her out of duty, you know every girl wants some emotions and feelings in every relationship."

"Did you concluded that because of her behaviour?" I asked sarcastically.

"Nopes, Courtney told me," he gave me a smirk.  "Alexandria confided the not-so-secret to her two friends: Aislinn and Courtney."

"Right," I mumbled, trying to figure out who Aislinn was. Just then, I saw Elizabeth enter the ballroom, her arms were laced around the arm of a tall gentleman. My lips twitched as I saw her beginning her waltz, "there is Elizabeth again."

"Alas! Finally, you know a friend of Alexandria!" Nathaniel exclaimed.

"Funny," I said, "is she her friend? I didn't know or imagined Alexandria would be friends with Elizabeth. I don't think they are quite fit to be friends..."

"How can you know?"

Before I could answer his question, a shriek erupted from the ballroom and then a blow. Mumbling and curses were heard as people started gathering around the far end of the ballroom. Nathaniel and I dashed toward the centre of the commotion to find Lord Skydance hurling his fist and smacking it on a man's face. The young man seemed pretty beaten up but he refused to strike back. There was a young woman begging Lord Skydance not to hurt him further, his daughter, I presumed.

"Please, sir," the young man said, "don't make this a scene, I am sure we can sort it out... I ... I already expressed my sincere feelings toward your daughter..."

"I won't have it!" Lord Skydance snarled and retracted his arm, ready to inflict another blow.

Before Lord Skydance's fist collided with young man's face, I stepped out of the circle and grasped his wrist firmly.

"Who do you think you are to..." he shouted casting me a glance full of disdain which he quickly regretted, "Prince Aiden..." he gasped.

The young woman hastily went to Lucas side and took him by the arm. From behind I saw Courtney emerge from the crowd followed by Alexandria. Both of them quickly went to stand by the young couple.

"Aislinn, what happened?" I heard Alexandria's voice rang with worry.

Finally the mystery is revealed. I met Aislinn.

"Whatever it is, sir," I said with my voice deep and important, "I am sure this dispute can be sort out with words and not fists. How do you attack somebody who refuses to defend himself? You should be ashamed of yourself for displaying such a behaviour before your daughter and disrupting the general enjoyment of the ball made in my honour. I won't have it." I let go of his wrist.

"You are right, Prince Aiden," he said, controlling his voice, "it was unmannerly of my part and for that I apologize. But my reasons for pounding on that man are just, he was meddling with my daughter!"

Matthew was meddling with Alexandria and I didn't threw him against the wall, I thought. "I am sure he is a well-intentioned man, he is a man in which I highly trust!" I turned to look at Lucas and gave him a fake, knowing look. Both Courtney and Lucas nodded with a confounded expression.  "I am sure your daughter is in goods hands, now enjoy yourself with what's left of this evening!"

Lord Skydance sauntered past me as I heard him hissed at Courtney and Lucas, "this is not the end..."

The ball resumed once again.

"What was that for?" Alexandria snapped, "trying to demonstrate your little heroic act to gain some affection?" Her eyes were furious and disapproving. Aislinn tried to calmed her down and thanked me.

I sighed, "enjoy the evening," and returned to Nathaniel.

"You acted just like a King would," he pat me in the back.

"I want to propose to her tonight," I confessed. He was surprised at my words as I turned to look at Alexandria, soothing a terrified Aislinn. Her expression was full of compassion and I only wished she would let me get close to her to know each other better.

The End

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