The DanceMature


It was getting dark by the time i had finished my chores, and I disappeared off to my room before i could be roped into helping with the preparations for the dance.  The dance would be starting soon and i needed to choose a dress and meet with Alexandria and Aislinn beforehand. I finally decided on an elegant long flowing purple dress made of silk, which tied around my neck.

There was a knock at the door, I opened it to find Aislinn standing in the doorway, a bag in one hand which no doubt contained her dress and makeup. When it came to a dance Aislinn, Alexandria and I  always got ready together.

"You ready, Alexandria will be expecting us soon"

"Yeah almost, what do you think to this?" I asked her holding the purple dress against my body.

she smiled, "Stunning".

At that i folded the dress into a little bag and arm in arm with Aislinn we walked up towards Alexandria's room.

When we arrived, Alex was looking through her wardrobe, pulling dresses out, examining them then putting them back into the wardrobe with a sigh. "Its useless! I'll never find a dress I want to wear, if i am honest i dont particually want to go to the dance if i have to dance with 'Mr. I think i'm so amazing' he annoys me!" she gave me a look of exasperation. I giggled before walking to stand beside Alex and peering into her huge wardrobe - which was made bigger by the fact that at the back of her wardrobe she had mirrors.  "How about that one?" I said pointing at a long flowing red dress, which had seqins dotted all around which seemed to make the dress glitter off the wardrobe mirrors. "Perfect" she said pulling it out of the wardrobe and grinning at me.

After an hour we were all ready to head down to the hall where the dance would take place,  we all pulled up the bottoms of our dresses as we climbed carefully down the stairs. As we reached the doorway to the hall Alexandria was ushered away from us so that she could be presented along with the queen to the guests.

"Typical" Aislinn said "why does the queen insist on presenting Alex all the time - Alex has always said she hates it!" she rolled her eyes at me.

Through the double doors we could hear the band playing a merry tune,  we entered the room to crowds of people sat listening to the band.

There was an empty table in the far corner of the room, which both Aislinn and I claimed and started clapping along with the other guests as the band finished its tune.

Trumpets started playing and then a loud voice called "Presenting Her Royal Highness and her daughter Princess Alexandria Riordana." Double doors opened wide and the queen and Alex walked gracefully out into the centre of the dancefloor. At that moment music began to play and Aiden Windlord the prince who had come for his visit approached Alex, bowed and began to dance with her. From her face both Aislinn and I could tell she wasn't happy about the arrangement at all, we giggled silently at this.

A shadow loomed over our table and I looked up to see Lucas stood there,  he stretched out his hand towards Aislinn and asked very politely "Care to dance?" Aislinn was pulled away towards the dancefloor and for a few minutes i was alone until another person approached the table. This time it was Nathaniel, smartly dressed and his long red hair tied back. "I thought you wern't coming?" I said a smile appearing on my face. "Are you joking? you dont think i would miss a chance to dance with you do you? and might i say you look divine this evening." He took my hand and pulled me to my feet, even in heals i was still a little shorter than him. He bend down and kissed me gently before pulling me towards the dance floor.

The End

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