Guinevere walked toward the castle, casting a spell to mask her appearance as she went. She knew that Alexander had returned at last. She had waited for a long time and now she had her chance. She came up to the large wooden gate. Two guards on post halted her.

"State your name and business."

Guinevere looked at them in mock surprise. "Why, do you not remember me? I am Moria, a servant of the king." The guards looked at her with doubtful looks on their faces. It was then that she tweaked their memories. It was easy to do, since they were so weak minded. Seeing her fetch water her, watching her clean the grim off the walls there...

"I am very sorry. I couldn't quite remember you before."

The guards stepped aside and she walked into the courtyard. She gazed up at the tall towers around the castle. Soon. Very soon.

The End

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