Smack, and there are the memoriesMature

I left Logan... I mean Aiden behind. I felt rude, I didn't even know the guy, or at least I did, but I didn't. It was just too confusing... all my real memories were getting mixed up with these memories, I didn't know what i was doing.

And Aiden reminded me of Logan so much.

I went up to my room, I knew the way from all the memories, and opened the door, just as someone else came through. The door struck my head and I fell to the floor.

"Oh your majesty! I'm so sorry!" I looked up and saw Nessie above me. Who was Nessie? This was Aislinn, my friend and companion. Oh no.

I felt all these memories taking over. Soon I wouldn't be able to remember...

"Don't worry Aislinn." She helped me up and I smiled.

"How was your walk?"

"It was fine, until I met Aiden."

"Aiden is here already? But I was supposed to have you dressed in your best dress..."

"Well he's already seen me, so I think the best dress can wait until dinner."

"Of course. Is your head alright?"

"It's fine thank you. Where is Courtney?"


"Come, let us go and enjoy my last few hours of freedom before my mother and father make me spend time with his royal pain."

"Oh Alexandria, you can't really mean that. Why fight what is going to happen?"

"Because it isn't happening for love! Why should I marry for the sake of the kingdom when I could rule perfectly well on my own? And he treats me too much as though I were a possesion, as though he knows it's going to happen so why bother with actually getting to know me."

"Well, maybe if you were nicer to him he would find time to ask you about yourself?"

"Please stop Aislinn. You make too much sense and right now all I want is to be mad at him." I sat down on my window seat as Courtney appeared from my bedroom. "Courtney! Shall we all sneak down and ask Master Lovett to show me some more archery?"

"Of course."

"Have you seen Shaylee? Only I wish to give her something I found on my walk."

"I believe she is being fitted for a dress for the ball in honour of Prince Aiden tonight."

"Ugh, to think I must honour his arrival. I wonder if his dancing is still as ill as it was when we last met. Although now he seems more grown up, so I wonder whether he has improved in other ways."

"It has been many years Alexandria. He was fifteen when you last met, and you fourteen." Courtney stated. Aislinn giggled.

"And still as stubborn as ever!" I threw a cushion at her and then ran from the window seat to the door.

"Come, let us leave!" We walked down the corridor, and then through the back passage that led down to the practice yard. Master Lovett was there, practicing his swordmanship. "Master Lovett." He turned and bowed.

"My Princess."

"Surely not your princess Master Lovett, for that would make you my prince."

"It would be an honour." He bowed again. I giggled. Matthew Lovett and I had always been friends, and we often flirted with each other in a bid to break out of societies bonds. The flirting meant nothing to either of us, we both knew nothing could happen and only saw the other as a friend, but it was easy to be with each other away from the stiff rules of court.

"Come Matthew, teach me some more archery before I am called to go back to being a princess." matthew retrieved my bow and arrows from the peg where he kept his own, and passed them to me. I strung the bow and aimed at one of the targets on the far wall.

"Slightly higher Alexandria." He whispered, tilting my hand slightly. I released the string and the arrow struck the centre of the target.

"Right again Matthew." I turned to face him. "Are you to come to the feast tonight?"

"If your highness wishes it."

"I do, so that I may have someone to dance with other than Aiden."

"Ah, so his highness is here?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

"Then I shall be happy to dance with you, so that you do not have to be embarrassed by his awful dancing."

"I have heard he has improved." A voice came from across the courtyard. Elizabeth Newton, a young lady of the court, and a friend of mine for the last year. Suddenly I felt a slight loathing of her rise in my chest. Why I wonder? Logan. My hand flew to my forehead. What was that... Logan? Who was that? I shook the thought away.

"Elizabeth! Matthew was just telling me he shall dance at the feast." She glanced at Matthew and then turned back to me.

"Very good your highness. Your mother wishes to speak to you."

"Thank you. Come ladies, let us return to our rule guided life. Thank you Matthew."

"My pleasure, as always your highness." He winked at me and I smiled, then turned to Elizabeth and beckoned Aislinn and Courtney to follow.

The End

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