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We galloped with the wind guiding our way toward the castle of King Xerion Riordana in the Kingdom of Razenvald, the fields of my own kingdom, De Monforth, were slowly disappearing behind us. I wasn't proclaimed king yet, but I was already nineteen years old and and would soon inherit the kingdom from my sire. I felt prepared to take the responsibility of guiding my people through the years in which I was to govern, growing old with my kingdom until my own children would be able to carry on with it.

Children. Since birth, my future wife and the future Queen of my people had been already decided upon. Our parents considered of utmost importance engaging their children to each other so that the two adjacent kingdoms would not only live in harmony and peace, but would also share common royal blood once a child was born. And thus, my meetings with Alexandria were much more frequent during our childhood, where we bonded with friendship.

It was not until the age of fifteen that my fate was told. My parents voiced the agreement that was made thirteen years ago when Alexandria was born and engaged to me since birth. At first I felt fleeting emotions and happiness up to some extent, but later on I couldn't imagine a married life with Alexandria. Our meetings were awkward from that point on, and our parents insisted that I take her out on a stroll every single night, hoping that under the blessing of the moon we would fall in love with each other.

Some months later, Alexandria refused to see me, excusing herself from my courteous visits and retiring to her room. Anger boiled inside me and I thrust the bouquet of roses neatly prepared by my parents for me to give it to her. I stormed out of the castle without giving any explanation for my behaviour and mounted Lightstorm, my white stallion, and ride through the day and part of the night and stopped only until Lightstorm was completely tired. That was the last time I'd seen Alexandria.

Until today, when I ran across her in the fields. Her expression was baffled and distant as if trying to make an understanding of her surrounding and probably her life. She had grown taller and in beauty, a beauty that amazed me and attracted me to her. She mounted the mare with elegance and sturdiness, common of an accomplish rider. I wondered what had she been up to during my absence in her life and if her feelings toward the engagement had changed or not. Mine certainly had. I pondered about our engagement for far too long, our kingdom needed a sensible and wise queen, traits which Alexandria possessed and excelled. 

My hand touched an object inside my vest pocket, feeling its squareness. A very valuable object was inside, along with my feelings toward her. I turned to look at her and she returned me a wary glance. There was tension in our gazes for I quickly glanced in front of me. The luxurious and grand castle of the Riordana's was coming into view, the slender and tall towers were reaching high up in the sky as if attempting to touch the sky. The gardens ornamented the exterior of the castle with a green foliage with tiny specks of different colours: flowers.

As we approached, the sweet smell of roses greeted us with delight as we entered through the castle's gate. We were well received by the maidservants of the castle.  Once we arrived at the steps leading inside the castle we dismounted from our horses. Hastily I walked by Alexandria's side to offer her my hand.

She looked at my hand and then at me, she quickly recoiled and tossed her head sideways, her silky flowing hair whipping through the air. "I don't need your help, Logan," she said in a dry voice, "I mean, Aiden."Blush rose to her pale cheeks, adding more natural beauty to her.

I cocked an eyebrow wondering who Logan was, feeling pangs of jealousy inside me. She still hated me for our engagement. I saw her slid down the mare bewitchingly and in a fast stride she walked inside the castle.

"What brings you here?" she asked me with a bitter voice, trying to avoid my gaze or my touch.

"I am here on a visit, as I told you earlier," I said, smiling gently at her trying to assuage her rage and fury. "And to announce something very important to me and our kingdoms."

She shot me a dangerous stare, "right, the kingdom," then she gave me a look of contempt, "it's always the kingdom..."

I slowed down my pace as pain cruised my face, energy and blood draining from my face. I was left pondering in her words and the meaning behind them.

The End

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