Drive drive drive...Mature

As I looked down at Logan on the floor, with the ruins of everything and everyone he had taken his anger out on around him, I knew he wasn't worth it. The thing that made me hate him was that in the midst of all his anger, he'd attacked my closest friend, and the friend who had comforted me after I had discovered he had ruined our relationship.

Miss Reginold began rounding up everyone, just as the ambulance arrived for Pippa. I stood next to Nessie silently. Several times we both looked at each other as though to speak, but then we glanced away, uncomfortable with the situation.

Logan limped towards me but I turned away, refusing to look at him.

"Alex, babe, please..."

"Do not, call me babe."

"Alex please, I dumped Ellie, I was an idiot, I'm sorry!"

"I don't care Logan. I really, really don't care."


"Logan! Leave me alone!!" I stormed out, ignoring the 'get back here right now!' shouts from Miss Reginold. I didn't stop my angry run until I had reached my car, and then I slammed the door and drove.




That was all I could think about. I realised I was running out of petrol after about ten miles, and pulled in to the nearest petrol station. Then I continued.




The woods where Logan and I had carved our names in to an oak tree was nearby. I should scratch it out, remove it from the tree. Now this was all my mind could think of. I parked in the little car park nearby and stumbled through the forest in my heels. The was somewhere here. I searched and searched, and finally found it, with our names carved clear as day with a heart around them. I grabbed a stone and began hitting his name over and over again, gouging huge chunks of wood from the tree. I collapsed after a while and lay with my head against the tree, tears rolling silently down my face. I slept.

When I woke up the sun was setting, and I realised I should have gone home hours ago. I was about to stand up when I noticed something odd near my head. Part of the tree ahd a huge hole in it, which had not been there before, and inside was dark. But it hadn't been here before, I was sure. Intrigued I peered in to the hole. It was large, and went all the way in to the tree. I crawled in, feeling with my fingers for the inside of the tree, for the other side. Nothing. I continued crawling, and then I saw a light ahead of me. I crawled faster, but my clothes were getting heavier. I stood, and found I was able to walk out the other side of the tree without hinderence.

But this was not the wood I had come from. Here the sun was high in the sky, and the trees were oddly shaped and colourful. I look down to dust any mud off my outfit to discover it was no longer mine, but a beautiful dress that looked like it was from a fairytale. I marvelled at the green silk and velvet that adorned my curves, then turned my attention back to this new world.

Where the heck am I?

Then, from deep in the forest I heard a thumping, getting faster and faster and louder and louder. I turned, scared of what this could be in a world that was not mine, only to discover that from out of the trees there was a cavalry of knights, riding white and black horses with banners on their sides. They stopped as they saw me, and the knight who wore the brightest banner of all climbed from his horse, motioning for the other knights to stay on their mounts. He removed his helmet and bowed.

"Good lady, why do you wander here alone?" As he stood I saw his face shone with a smile, and he possesed dark hair and grey eyes which seemed to twinkle in the light. A scar adorned his fore-head, although it was more a positive feature than a negative one. It appeared he too had been taking in my appearance, and I felt suddenly enclined to curtsey.

I didn't.

"I... I've just come from..." I looked behind me only to discover that the hole in the tree had gone. I was stuck here. "What is this place?"

"This? Why this is my father's kingdom De Monforth, and I am Aiden Windlord. May I enquire... Oh but I know who you are."

"You do?"

"You are the princess Alexandria Riordana, and we are just coming to visit you."


"It is our royal visit. The last time I saw you, we were both children." A memory flashed in to my head, a memory I'd never had before. Two children playing with toy swords. Myself and Aiden.

"So you have come to visit after all these years?"

"Of course. What else would we do when our fathers are such close friends?" I turned and straightened my face. This was way abnormal. I could remember things I had never done; horse riding, princess lessons, even the birth of my sister...

"My lady, will you ride with us?" I turned back round to find the Prince looking at me as though I were a little strange.

"Yeah...I mean I'd be delighted." That was the princess lessons kicking in. Where was all this coming from? It's crazy! I climbed on to the spare horse they had expertly, and galloped along with the company.

This was way weird.


The End

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