I couldn't believe those words escaped from my mouth. "And if there's any chance she will take me back." I stood there helpless, glancing down on the glowering face of Nessie. Her hazel eyes bore on me with hatred and reproach. I dreaded this day from the moment I woke up and watch Alex tear-stained face, her mascara smeared on her pretty livid face. I asked her what was wrong but she didn't answer, instead she thrust my cellphone into my chest and gathered her belongings, rushing out of the house.

I ran after her when I saw she had been reading through my texts, anger aroused first followed shortly by realization. I felt guilty as I spun her around and crushed her body against mine into an embrace, begging her to forgive me, telling her it was all a confusion and misunderstanding. She scratched me and kicked me until finally she wriggled free.

"Don't you ever get near me again!" she screeched and slammed the door behind her. I was left in the living room staring at the white door and feeling my world crumbling down. I heard her car engine roar to life and sped away. Immediately I called Ellie to tell her everything and break up with her in hopes that Alex might take me back. Ellie was pretty pissed.

The moment I got to school I heard flying rumours about Alex and Ellie getting into a fight. Dread gripped my heart as I dash to the courtyard to meet them and probably stop the fight but I arrived too late. They'd been taken to the principal's office already.

Now here I was, cursing myself for my rash actions as I saw Nessie comforting a weak Pippa. Eric, the quirky boy, was talking in his phone. "Hey, I'm really sorry for this all, I never meant for it to turn this way." I tried again, my innocent and confidence were wavering before Nessie. "I... I broke up with Ellie today after realizing Alex was far more important..."

"Right," Nessie scoffed, "don't hide behind lies, you coward!"

"Listen, you can call me all you want, little miss nobody," I snarled at Nessie, clenching my fist, "but you can't deny the fact that Alex and I belong together."

Nessie stood up, challenging me to utter further words. Her fierce gaze met mine and I realized nobody had ever stood up against me, and sweet, shy Nessie out of all the people.

"If you are so sure of your feelings for Alex then why did you cheat on her? Why did you blatantly lie in her face not caring for what might happen next?" Nessie retorted, "Alex doesn't care for you anymore, you destroyed her trust in you."

I bit my lip as I heard her piercing words, tentatively, I raised a hand and thrust it toward her face aiming to slap her annoying face and leave her as unconscious as Pippa. She noticed my hand and closed her eyes waiting for the impact, but it never came. A hand stopped mine in mid-air, its strong grip was nearly breaking my wrist. I turned to my right and saw Luke, his face was aloof and angered.

"Weren't you taught not to hit ladies?" he asked, twisting down my arm and shoving me back. He stood before Nessie, shielding her from me. "Don't you have enough weight on your conscience after what you did to Alex, Ellie, and Pippa?"

"This is none of your business," I spat, flexing my arm. In a flash, my fist connected with Luke's face and the force sent him reeling sideways.

"Luke!" Nessie shrieked, bending down to examine Luke's bleeding mouth.

"Come on, just break it or somebody will get really hurt!" Eric's voice rise from the commotion. "Logan, quit acting like a jerk."

"Somebody is going to get really beat up," I heard an angered voice behind me. I swirled around to found Matt standing behind me, his fist hit my head on the side and I collapsed to the floor next to Luke.

Nessie shrieked and shouted, "guys stop hurting yourself!" She tried pulling Luke away from our little fight arena.

I shook my head and glanced up at Matt, I snickered, "what are you angry at Matt? Things are not going well with Ellie?"

"You should know, idiot," Matt stooped down to grab my shirt collar and heaved me slightly, "you've been messing with my girlfriend."

"Come on, break it," Eric took hold of Matt's arm and pushed him away of me. "We are seriously getting into trouble if we continue this."

I took advantage of the distraction and sprang to my feet, running head first toward Matt. My shoulder collided with his gut as I tackled him, both of us fell on the floor. From then one we struggled on the floor, trying to get hold of each other's face and punching it.

"What is going on with teenagers these days?" a loud voice cracked behind us. Miss Reginold stood there tapping her shoe on us, a disapproving expression on her face. From behind her, I saw Ellie who had a bleeding nose and Alex, whose face was pallid and her eyes were looking down on me as if I was something broken and useless.

The End

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