When Will The Fighting Stop?Mature


I couldn't believe the anger that boiled up inside of me when I saw Logan.  I knew I would be angry, I would have been an incredibly bad friend if I hadn't, but I wasn't expecting it to spill over in the way that it did.

I lunged for Logan, the whole movement feeling like an out of body experience, like it wasn't me shouting abuse at him and wanting to punch him.  Everything was blur as I tried as hard as I could to hit Logan or do anything to cause him pain.  I wanted to hurt him so he could know how much Alex was hurting.

But then something hit the ground with a horrid thud, snapping me out of my manic state.

'What have you done?'  I shouted at Logan as I saw Pippa lying deathly still on the floor.  I dropped to my knees beside her, brushing her hair away from her face.  She had gone very pale and was clearly unconscious.  

'I swear I didn't mean to,' Logan said, his eyes wide with fear as he looked down on me next to Pippa's body.

'You wanted it to be me lying unconscious on the floor,' I shouted, angrier than ever now Logan had hurt two of my friends.

'I just needed you to stop.'

'And that makes it better?'  I spat back.  'You heartless little shit.'  I lunged at him again, but this time I felt hands grab hold of my arms, keeping me back.  'Let me go,' I protested, unable to see who was stopping me from attacking Logan.

'It's not going to solve anything Nessie,' I heard a vaguely familiar voice whisper to me from behind.  'Pippa is the one who needs you now.'

I relaxed my body, backing away from Logan.  'This isn't over,' I hissed.  I turned and saw the boy who had restrained me and was shocked to see the guy I had met earlier, Eric I think his name was.  He was pushing his glasses back onto his nose and looking generally uncomfortable.

'Can you call an ambulance for my friend?'  I asked, trying to calm down and regain control of my emotions.

'Of course,' Eric mumbled, pulling out his mobile hastily and dialling the number.

'She'll be alright?'  Logan asked tentatively.  'I haven't done any damage?'

'Like you care,' I snorted.

'Nessie,' Logan tried again after a slight pause.

'Don't call me that.  You lost your right to call me anything when you cheated on Alex with that slut.'

'I want to know how Alex is,' Logan said quickly.  'And if there's any chance she will take me back.'

The End

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