Calm Down, Another Fight Will Not Help!Mature


I was holding onto Alex's hand and Nessie was holding onto Alex's other, we walked slowly towards Miss Gaddon's office, Ellie holding a tissue she had pulled out of her pocket to her bleeding nose and cursing, whilst fresh silent tears coursed down Alex's face.  I peered nervously at Nessie, who looked solemn. As we walked we were oblivious to the countless people who had stopped and were now staring at us as we walked behind Miss Gaddon.

When we reached the office, both Nessie and I were ordered to leave, we didnt speak much until we had reached the Bistro on the top floor of the sixthform block, where we both collapsed into chairs.

"God, what an eventful morning" i said, Nessie mumbled something i didnt catch then looked up at me. I scowl appeared on her face and it took me a while to realised that she wasnt scowling at me but at Logan, who had just wondered in to the Bistro not a care in the world.

Her breathing quickened and i could see she was furious "Calm down Nessie" I said but she had already leapt out of her seat and was heading straight for Logan.

"You bastard, how could you do that to Alex" she shouted launching her fist at Logan and hitting him in the jaw.

"Nessie!" I grabbed her from behind to try and restrain her but she stuggled fiercely against me.

I moved myself in between Nessie and Logan, trying to stop them both from attacking each other, but instead i was sent flying across the floor of the Bistro from an attack from behind by Logan, which was meant to hit Nessie.

My head hit the wall with a nasty thud, and i fell into blackness.

The End

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