Ellie: FightMature

I had ended up on the school grounds even though I told myself this was the last place I was going to spend the day at. I didn't fancy running into either Alex nor Logan today and I had good reason. The news that Logan had cheated on Alex with me had spread like wildfire and I lost count of the amount of glares I got from people who I once would never have dared mess with me. However, they were all Alex's friends and they remained fiercely loyal to her.

I wandered up to the school gates in a daze, vaguely aware of the black streaks my mascara had made when the tears had fallen. Upon entering the school, I was instantly met with Alex's fist. It caught me by surprise on the side of my jaw and I cried out.

'You bitch, how could you?! After everything we've been through!' Alex charged towards me, ready for another hit, but I was ready for her. I ducked out of the way of another blow and grabbed onto the first thing I could find, her hair. I yanked it sharply and she shrieked, tumbling to the ground. 

'Please, can we just discuss this! I don't want to fight!' My protests were futile. She grabbed my ankle and pulled me down with her. 

Soon, we were fighting. Me and Alex. It had finally come to this. She was trying to punch me, grabbing onto my hair and pinning me to the ground. I was slapping out at her, trying to connect with anything. We were both shouting and screaming and calling each other every name under the sun until someone lifted Alex off me. 

I saw Nessie holding Alex by the shoulders, glaring daggers at me.

The girl from my psychology class, Pippa, grabbed Alex's hand and began leading her away.

'Come on Alex,' she ushered. 'The teachers are coming.'


Too late.

'What on EARTH is going on here?!' Breaking through the crowd that had gathered, Miss Gaddon emerged with a face like thunder.

The crowd immediately dispersed, muttering amongst themselves about the fight that had undoubtedly settled the topic of gossip for the next month or so. 

I brought my hand to my nose and saw a drop of bright red liquid.

'You made me bleed!' I shouted, accusingly. 

'RIGHT! Both of you to my office. NOW.'

The End

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