Eric - The Highlight of my YearMature

'I don't want to wait.'

Oh, dear. It sounds like I've walked in on a scene. Again.

I round the corner and see three girls in my year: Pippa B, Vanessa J - and is that Alex Kenley? The popular one? It's got to be.

 'Let go of me so I can talk to her.'

Alex pulls her arm from Pippa's grip and moves off towards someone down the other end of the corridor. Looks like Ellie Newton, but I can't really be sure.

Vanessa says something I can't hear, and she and Pippa disappear after Alex. Probably some new scandal. I bet I can guess - Alex has found out her boyfriend, the oh-so-popular Logan Smith has been cheating on her for as long as I can remember. I walked in on them kissing in a corridor. They didn't even notice I was there.

But does Alex know that Ellie's been cheating on Logan, I wonder?

I know all the names of everyone in my year, know all sorts of rather intimate secrets I've overheard when they thought they were alone with a confidante. It's because I'm the shadow. I think there's only one student who knows my name, and that's the school bully.

So that's not so great.

I've not got a lesson for a while, and I caught up on my homework later today, so I've got nothing to do really. I might as well follow Alex and the others.

So that's exactly what I do.

I arrive on the scene - Alex caught up with Ellie outside, which is good, because it means that a teacher's bound to see and come break it up.

Goodness, these high-school dramas. I find it difficult to keep track. Who'd want a love life like that?

'My thoughts exactly.'

Oh, shit, did I just say that out loud? I've got to stop doing that.

It's Vanessa J, who's the only person in my year who's shorter than me - no mean feat, seeing as I'm still in age 12-14 clothing. She's Alex's friend, one of those incredibly lucky misfits who manages to cling on to the popular crowd by their fingernails.

I never had that chance.

'Hey, it's Eric, isn't it?'

I thought no one knew my name. Evidently she's more attentive than she appears. I smile slightly, and rather shyly I'm afraid.

'I'm Nessie.'

'Yes, I know.'

She squints up at me, and seems about to say something, but the argument reaches a climax and turns into a bitchfight, complete with hair-pulling, slapping and scratching - the lot. In my attempt to escape the two screaming girls, Nessie and I get separated.

Bang goes my one chance of a conversation. That's been the highlight of my year.

Quite literally.

The End

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