I was shocked when I saw Alex coming out of the girl's toilets followed by Pippa.  She looked stunning, as usual, but her eyes had red rims and she had obviously been crying.  My heart immediately went out to her and I hurried down the hall, Luke following me at a distance.

'Are you alright?'  I asked, taking Alex's hand.

'Not really,' she replied.  'Pippa was right, Logan was cheating on me, and with Ellie of all people.  Can you believe it?'

'I'm so sorry Alex,' I said, pulling her into a hug.  'I didn't think Logan would do something like that.'

'I feel a fool for not believing Pippa when she first told me about it.  I should have trusted her.'

'You weren't to know.  I didn't believe her either and I'm sorry for that Pippa.'

'That's OK,' she said smiling reassuringly at me.  'I can understand why.'

'There she is,' Alex breathed.  I turned around and saw Ellie walking down the hall towards us, completely oblivious to the Alex's presence.  Alex was angry now, I could almost see the steam coming out of her ears and fire in her eyes.

'Keep calm,' I said, not wanting Alex to make a scene.  'You can be the mature one here.'

'I want to talk to her,' Alex said, ignoring my last comment.  'I want to tell her what a lying bitch I think she is.'  She began to walk forward but I blocked her path, Pippa taking her arm and holding her back.

'You'll regret it Alex.  You shouldn't talk to her now while you're still hurting.  Wait until you've cooled down and can have a rational conversation about it.'

'I don't want to wait,' Alex replied firmly, her eyes fixed on Ellie.  'Let go of me so I can talk to her.'  She pulled her arm out of Pippa's grip and dodged around me, making a beeline straight for Ellie.

'This can't be good,' I muttered, heading after Alex with Pippa and Luke in tow.  If Alex insisted on having her confrontation with Ellie in front of the entire school I wasn't going to let her do it alone.

The End

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