Ellie: Things can only get betterMature

'Ellie! What's the rush?' my mother appeared in my doorway as I was pulling a brush through my hair and applying some mascara.

'I'm late,' I muttered back, taking care not to poke myself in the eye. 

'Well that's why you wake up earlier!' Mum lectured. 'Otherwise you find yourself stressed for the rest of the day.'

'Yeah thanks Dr Newton!' I called sarcastically.

'Oh Ellie, you're not wearing that are you?' Mum didn't bother to hide the distaste in her tone. I glanced down at my outfit and shrugged my shoulders.

'What's wrong with it?'

'You're skirt is way too short for one, and your t shirt is practically see through!' 

'Hey, I'm wearing another shirt underneath it. Besides, when you have legs like mine, you don't hide them, you flaunt them.' I gave a little twirl and mum laughed.

'Oh how very vainglorious of you!' 

'I have no idea what that means, but it better be nice.'

I reached for my bag which was slung up on my door and headed downstairs, mum following closely behind.

'When are you bringing that lad over again? What's his name...erm, Matt is it?'

It was a good job my mother couldn't see my expression, widened eyes and shocked mouth, or she'd definitely know something was up. I quickly composed my features and turned around to face her.

'Soon,' I smiled and headed for the front door. 'I'll see you later mum!' 

'Goodbye dear, have a good day at school.'

Me and my mother had a fantastic relationship and for that, I was grateful. I often wondered if I acted the same at home as I did at school that our relationship might not be so perfect. She'd see me for what I truly was, a shallow, backstabbing boyfriend-stealer.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and as I pulled it out, a smile played at my lips as I saw Logan's number flash up on the screen.

'Hey baby, what's up?'

'Ellie,' Logan's voice was panicked and instantly I knew something was wrong. 'It's Alex! She knows about us!'


'What?! How?!' I shrieked. 

'She saw, the texts you'd sent me, she saw them!! We are so screwed, what are we going to do?'

'Okay right, we're just going to play it cool alright. I guess it's kind of...good that she knows. We'll just explain that we never meant to hurt anyone and well, if we explain that you can't help who you fall in love with, she'll understand.'

'How can you expect her to understand? She's never going to want to speak to either of us again!'

'No, but listen. We'll just stay as we are, and maybe pray over time she accepts it.'

'Ellie no!' his voice was adamant. 'We can't be together!'


'Don't you see? I love Alex, Ellie. I'm sorry but, no.' 

I swear in that very moment, everything seemed to stop. The air stilled, the cars came to a halt, the birds stopped singing. All I could feel, all I was aware of, was how my heart seemed to break into a thousand shattered pieces. He didn't...love me? My cheeks were wet with hot tears and I wiped them away furiously.

'Fine, but don't expect me to be graceful about it, you pig!' I slammed my phone shut and threw it as hard as I could against the brick wall, screaming so loud my mother came rushing out.

I couldn't speak to her though, I couldn't face her. Instead, I jumped in my car, revved the engine and sped down the road, as fast as I could. Away from here. Away from everything. Away from reality.

The End

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