Logan! What an arse. I'd given him so much, and he just...

I feel weak, all crumpled in this girl's arms. Pippa. I don't believe I was so naive, and not to believe her...

"There there..." An new wave of tears broke out of my eyes. My mascara would be ruined by now but for once I didn't care. I needed to get all this out of my system and fight back by going out there and pretending I didn't give a damn. Pippa was comforting, but I wanted Nessie to be here too. I wanted Logan... but I didn't. And I definately didn't want that bitch Ellie.

Who the hell does she think she is?

I look up to see Pippa smiling at me.

"You ok now?"

"No, but I'll live. Thanks." I turn and face the mirror, taking out my makeup bag and starting to fix my face. "I'm going to march out of here like nothing has happened and prove I don't need that bastard or his bitch."

"I think that's probably the best thing you could do." She was leaning against the wall looking at me. "Prove to them that the Prom Queen doesn't need a Prom King."

"Yeah, you're right." I finished my face, checked my hair and pouted my lips. "How do I look?" I asked Pippa.


"Thanks so much Pippa. You really saved the day." I kissed her on the cheek and then headed to the door.

The End

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