I decided in the end that i would go the school the next day, there was no point worrying myself over something that wasn't really my business.

As i pulled into the student carpark the next day, i saw the usual crowd of people, loitering by their cars chatting to their friends. I saw Nessie climb out her car, spot luke and hurry over. I climbed out of my car and walked casually towards them.

"Hey you two are you okay?"

"Oh hey Pippa, yeah i'm great thanks, me and luke had a Lord of the Rings marathon last night with a tub of Ben and Jerry's "

I smiled, I had thought i was the only one to be obsessed with Sci-Fi.

"Cool, do you two like Doctor Who?" i said casually, instantly i saw  their eyes light up - "Yeah we love Doctor Who"

"Thats great, Listen I have the house to myself on saturday night and I just thought if neither of you are doing anything do you fancy sleeping over and watching the start of the new series with me?"

I could see Luke was eager but Nessies face crumpled, "I'm not sure, what i'm doing saturday evening to be honest" she looked apologetic.

"Ah come on Ness, it will be good" Luke put on his puppy dog eyes and i could see Nessie considering it. "Well okay"

"Thats great" I said smiling, "and if you want, afterward we can have a doctor who marathon, I have all of the episodes and even some of the older ones"

Nessie grinned at me, I liked Nessie and Luke, they seemed like proper friends i'd known forever even though i had only known them a few days.

Alex rushed passed our little group, head down and tears looked to be rolling down her face, I turned to stare where she had just fled to. I dont think Nessie had seen her as she had her back turned and was talking to Luke about something.

"I'll see you later, i said before speeding off towards where i thought Alex had gone.

As i opened the door to the girl toilets, i could hear soft muffled sobs coming from the end cubical, i tapped nervously on the door and said "Alex?." The door to the cubical unbolted she came out, her mascara running down her face. "Whats happened?"

Through stiffled sobs, Alex managed to tell me that during the night, she had heard Logan's phone buzz on his bedside table, he was asleep so she had picked it up to read the text and saw it was from Ellie.

"And i looked through his inbox and outbox and found loads of dirty texts between them, so i confronted him about it this morning and the whole truth came out" at this more tears came flooding down her face.

"Oh hunni come here" I held out my arms and hugged her close

"Oh Pippa, i feel a fool for not believing you" she sobbed into my shoulder

"Its okay, just remember Alex i'm always here for you" I pulled out of the hug and gave her a warm smile - "Thats what friends are for!"

The End

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