A Touch Of The Green-Eyed MonsterMature


The door was open when I arrived at Luke's house and as soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by a small child attaching itself firmly to my legs.

'Nessie!'  Keri shouted as she squeezed all the blood out of my lower legs.

'Hey Keri,' I said, bending down in the hope she would let go of my legs and find something else to hug.  'How are you?'

'Good,' she said, thankfully letting go of my legs and holding her arms out to me.  'Pick me up,' she demanded and I obliged, her arms hanging tightly around my neck.

'Who is it?'  I heard someone call from the kitchen.

'Just me Mrs B,' I shouted back, carrying the now smiling five year old through the hallway.

'Hello Nessie,' Luke's mum said, smiling at me from the kitchen counter.  'You're looking nice this evening.  Is it a new dress?'

'I got is shopping with Alex.  Do you like it?'

'I think it's lovely dear.  It suits you.'

I felt good that Luke's mum had noticed my dress, she'd been on at me for ages to get rid of the baggy jumpers and plain jeans, telling me that I had a lovely figure and should show it off more.  I hadn't been brave enough to wear the red dress, that was carefully hidden at the back of my wardrobe, but I'd put on a nice purple one that was one of the few items Alex picked that I had liked before I tried it on.

'How are you doing  Nessie?'  Mrs Bannan asked, her face concerned.  'Luke told me you got into some trouble at school.'

'It was nothing.  A misunderstanding, that's all.'

'Well I'm sure it wasn't your fault, you're such a good girl.  Keri get down.  I'm sorry about this Nessie, she knows she's getting too big to be picked up.'

'It's alright Mrs B,' I said, still holding onto Keri.  'I don't mind.'

'I assume you're here to see Luke.'  She said, taking her hands out of the mixing bowl in front of her and walking towards the stairs.  'Luke!'  She shouted.  'You've got a visitor.'

I heard the clunking of feet upstairs and knew Luke was heading down to see me.  Mrs B went back to her mixing bowl and I put Keri down on the floor.

'Hey Ness.' Luke said, stopping in the door when he saw me.  'You're wearing a-'

'A dress,' I finished.  'Do you like it?'

'Um...yeah,' he said.  'You want to come through?'  He said, motioning to the stairs.  I followed him upstairs to his room, which was in the same mess as it always was.  

'I would have thought you would have at least tried to tidy up,' I said, stepping over the piles of books on the floor.

'Sorry, I didn't have a lot of time,' he said, collapsing on his bed and turning on the tiny TV in the corner of his room.  As the opening credits to The Fellowship started Luke's mobile went off.

'Who is it?'  I asked.

'Just Pippa,' he said, his fingers tapping the keys.

'Is there anything going on between you and Pippa,' I asked without thinking.

'Why?  Would it bother you if there was?'

'No,' I lied.  'You just seem to have got very close very quickly.  And with the argument we had earlier I thought...'

'She's a nice girl,' Luke said.  'She's really worried about Alex because of what she saw between Logan and Ellie-'

'What did she see between Logan and Ellie?'

'She saw them kissing after detention.  Didn't she tell you?'

'No she didn't.'

The End

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