The sun was lingering in the horizon, tinting the sky with a golden glimmer and casting the clouds with an ember glow. I breathe in the light fragrance in the air as the soft and graceful body stirred in my arms. Ellie's long legs entwined with mine as she drew circles in my chest with her slender fingers. She then pushed herself up and pressed her lips passionately against mine, wrapping her arms around my neck. My hands moved up and how her back then traced her elegant limbs.

She giggled at my touch and parted from my face, "Logan, you make me so happy." She smiled and placed her head on my right shoulder, snuggling her face close to my neck. She inhaled my lotion and sighed, "you always smell delightful."

"Thanks," I said, recalling the nature of the lotion. Then I remembered, it was Alex's gift after our second month together. A small pang of guilt settled in my conscience as I looked down on Ellie's body against mine. Memories rushed into my head as I remembered my countless evenings with Alex when we just started dating.

I had drove to Ellie's house to spend the night with her, all afternoon we were devouted to eating and playing with some icecream. She was right, eating icecream off somebody's lips was ever so delightful and satisfying. I wondered why I never did it with Alex knowing how cool, fresh, and wild she was. Ellie was wilder.

An unfamiliar sound settled in the empty, orange-colour bathe room. Ellie groaned annoyed and glanced at the armchair in our left, we were lying on the couch. "It's your phone again," she said clearly annoyed. "Can't you turn it off?"

I reached out past her and took my cellphone out of my bag, "sorry babe, but if my parents call and I'm not there to answer they will get worry and paranoid and might never leave me alone in the house ever again." I saw Ellie frown and tried my best not to roll my eyes as I leaned toward her and gave her a quick kiss in the forehead. It was an attempt to assuage her negative feelings and pouts before she wished to kicked me out of her house. Apparently it worked for she smiled.

My heart raced as I saw the caller's name, "Hey, baby, how are you?" I answered the phone. Ellie cringed beside me and scrambled into a sitting position, cupping her mouth in disbelief.

"Hey, sweets," Alex's voice rang loud and somewhat annoyed on the other side of the line, "you are never going to believe what people are saying about you, it just pissed me off." I heard her let out an exasperate puff. "It's so ridiculous, its amazing people can do to break off someone's relationship."

"What are you talking about honey?" I asked baffled at her words, "what are they saying about me?" I looked at Ellie with a worried expression and she shrugged.

"Stupid rumours," she replied, "they are saying you are cheating on me with Ellie. I mean, how stupid can it get? You and Ellie, please! You wouldn't even consider her as a potential girlfriend!" She exclaimed, then added, "anyways, I cleared out everything with her so its fine. I'm so stressed right now and I'm done shopping with Nessie, how about meeting at your place? Your attention and petting will do me some good."

Sweat broke off my back as I heard her proposition. "Tonight?"

"Of course!" Alex said surprised, "your parents are away and we can have the house for ourselves. Don't tell me you have something to do..."

Her voice sounded mysterious and suspecting, "of course not, love. I always love spending some time with you." Ellie gave me a reproachful and hurtful stare. "At what time am I expecting of your lovely presence?"

"I'm driving to your place right now," Alex said cheerful, "in less than ten minutes we will be together."

"Okay," I stammered, "see you soon."

"Can't wait," she said, "bye." She hung up.

I jumped to my feet and started shoving my books inside my bag, frantically searching for my car keys and wiping off any traces of lipstick off my face and neck.

"What happened?" Ellie demanded, holding my arm. "Was that Alex?"

"Yeah, she said some rumours are flying around saying we are dating each other," I snarled at her angrily, "did you started them to make Alex feel jealous?"

"NO!" Ellie screeched, "I will never set our relationship in danger! Besides, I told her we are not!"

"Well, she is off to my place now so I must leave," I finished tying my shoes and opening the front door. "See you."

Ellie's face was blank and her lips were trembling from rage. I didn't even let her said goodbye before powering my car and pulling away from her driveway. I sped up the car in the streets, racing against time and hoping to make it to my house before Alex did.

The End

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