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I was a little worried that Alex thought that it was me making the rumors, she didnt sound to convinced over the phone and no doubt when she questioned Ellie about it she would have lied her butt off to save her own skin. And lets face it who is Alex likely to believe, someone she has known for less than 5 minutes or someone she has known for years.

When i got home i hurried up to my room, I wanted to get that darn essay done so that it was out the way, but when i had got the essay back onto my screen i couldnt concentrate - i was worried i had blown any chances of fitting in by telling Alex what I had seen, and since Alex was the popular one - to get on the wrong side of her meant you got on the wrong side of everyone.

To be honest Nessie didnt seem to convinced either when i had told her what i had seen, the sentance "Its Pippa, just saying something stupid about Logan" kept whurring round and round inside my head - I wish i had kept my mouth shut. Now Nessie will think that i am some price cow - not only did i ruin her girly night in with Alex but now i will be thought to be the soul spreader of this rumor.

Maybe i was just being paranoid, but for some reason i had managed to get myself so worked up over what will happen when i come face to face with Alex, will she hit me? or will she thank me? If Ellie had done what i think she had, and lied her way out i was pretty sure i was in for a battering for "Concocting Lies!"

I pulled my planner out of my bag and checked what lessons i had for the following day and found that I only had two and the rest were free, Psychology and ICT.

Maybe i could finish my Psychology essay and email it to my teacher and then e-mail both my teachers the next day and say that I wasnt feeling well, that way I could avoid a confrontation with Alex.

Before I had left the pupil car park earlier, i had given Luke my mobile number so that i could text him if i got myself too worked up over this - I need abit of reasurance and Luke seemed all too happy to help.


The End

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