Ellie: ConfrontationMature

Logan's words still echoed throughout my mind as I approached my house. I needed to wear something really sexy tonight, something that screamed Wild. I smiled furtively to myself as I dug around in my bag for my keys. 

I heard footsteps approaching me from behind and I whirled around to find Alex storming up to me, a look of pure fury etched onto her features. Instantly, I knew she had found out.

Crap, what was I supposed say?

'Ellie we need to talk.'

Yep, she was absolutely fuming.

'What about?' I made my voice as sweet as I could and did my best to look innocent. 

'I've been hearing some pretty nasty rumours and I need you to clarify them for me, okay? Because well, if they are true then there's going to be trouble.'


'Have you been sleeping with my boyfriend?'

'What?' I gasped, shocked, thankful that I had taken Drama as one of my chosen subjects. I tried to remember everything I could on what makes you a good liar. Maintaining eye contact, I kept my voice calm and controlled. 'What on earth makes you think that?'

I saw the first waver of doubt flicker amongst her eyes.

'Well like I said, rumours. I need you to tell me the truth please.'

'Alex,' I stared at her earnestly. 'I would never do that to you, you're my best friend. Frankly, I'm quite shocked that you'd believe such a vindictive lie!'

She relaxed ever so slightly and for one second actually looked apologetic. 

'I know, I-I'm sorry I ever asked. It's just, you've got to know these things haven't you? I mean, Logan's my whole world, I don't know what I'd do without him.' Her lips trembled and I ignored the flame of guilt coursing through my body. 

'I know Alex,' I smiled. 'But I would never do that to you.' 

'Thanks Ellie. Hey, are you doing anything tonight?'

'Urm, I'm not sure, why?'

'I just thought we'd have a girlie night in, it feels like ages since I've spent time with you.' 

'Sorry Alex,' I pouted. 'I wish I could but my parents want me home, we have company.'

'Oh, well okay. Maybe another night?'


I waved her off and as soon as she was out of hearing range, I let out a long sigh of relief. That had been way too close. I was going to have to be extra careful from now on and frankly, so was Logan.


The End

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