Caught In A WebMature


I sat in my car for what seemed like an age replaying what i had just seen, i didnt know what to do, it didnt seem fair to let Alex believe her boyfriend was oh so wonderful, but then again if i told her, she might dislike me for telling her.

The carpark had been slowly emptying as i sat, my keys still in my hand, people must have thought that i had forgotten how to drive! I peered around and saw the boy Nessie had introduced me to earlier, Luke looking rather disgruntled and annoyed about something. I wound down my window and shouted

"Luke, over here I need to talk to you"

He kept walking, clearly he had not heard me, I saw wires dangling down from his ears, ah thats why, he had his Ipod in, I beeped my horn.

Instantly he turned his head and i waved frantically for him to come towards my car, he looked confused.

"Hey ... Pippa isn't it?" he said a look of uncertainty mounted on his face

"Yeah, listen i need your opinion on something, I saw Alex's boyfriend kissing Ellie earlier and i was wondering whether i should tell Alex or keep my nose out?" - "I'm asking for your opinion as you seem to know Alex and Nessie more than I do" i added quickly.

"If it were me, even if i didnt know Alex that well I would tell her", "Right" i said "The thing is I dont have Alex's number do you?"

"No but i have Nessie's, here use my phone to ring Nessie, you might want to try getting Nessie to meet you and tell her first and see what she would do first, before talking to Alex" - I smiled as i slowly took the phone from Lukes hand and pressed the phone to my ear. "Thanks" I mouthed as the phone began to ring out.

Ring Ring Ring



The End

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