Wait ... Are My Eyes Decieving Me?Mature


When we were finally dismissed from detention, I walked out the hall and towards my locker to collect my books, Alex had already snatched Nessie away so i didnt have time to talk to her. Ellie stalked away, looking agitated that she had put into detention.

I grabbed my bag and my folder from my locker and swept the room, pulling my car keys out my pocket and heading towards the student carpark.

As i turned the corner to head into the car park, i shrunk into the shadows as i heard Logan and Ellie, I moved my head slightly so i could peer around the corner and saw Ellie leaning against the wall, her arms wrapped tightly around Logans neck, his hands parading up her blouse and they were kissing passionatly.

As their lips parted Logan said in barely more than a whisper, "Come stay at mine tonight sexy I want you, my parents are away all week." A small giggle ecscaped from Ellies mouth as she kissed him again then said, "Hows that for an answer?."

They strode away towards Logan's car, her arm wrapped around him. When i was sure they had left i moved shakely towards my car, unsteadly scrambling for my keys. I flopped into the drivers seat, Now what? i thought do i tell Alex or not?

I was in a bit of a sticky situation, as i didnt want to be the one to break Alex's heart by telling her although it seems very unfair to keep it from her and let her believe that he is being faithful.

The End

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