Detention? REALLY???

This was ridiculous, I couldn't remember Ellie being this annoying before. I sat silently fuming in the classroom, but keeping a straight face to make her think she hadn't got to me. Nessie was grinning at this new girl I hadn't seen before, but who was apparently called Pippa. I smiled at her when she looked at me, and after a few hesitant seconds she smiled back.

When detention finally finished I grabbed Nessie.

"Meet me in the car park and I'll drive us to yours to get your stuff, then we'll go shopping."


"If you're having a make over you need new stuff right?" I grinned and hurried off so I wouldn't have to talk to Ellie. I went to my locker and pulled my jacket and bag out.

"Well hey." I turned to see Logan.

"Logan! What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you."

"You waited after school for me?"

"Of course."

"Oh my god you are so sweet!" I kissed him.

"Well you owe me now." I grinned.

"And what is it I'm supposed to do to make it up to you?"

" could come to mine tonight. My parents are out."

"Oh hon I'd love to, but I promised Nessie I'd give her a makeover tonight. Girl time you know?"

"Alright, well we have the entire week. The 'rents are in Spain."

"Alright handsome." He kissed me again and then took my bag to walk me to the car. Such a gentleman. As we reached the car I saw Nessie stood there, and Ellie walking towards her own car. I hurried to mine. Logan kissed me, handed me my bag, and waited to wave me away. As we drove off Nessie began asking questions about what I was going to do to her, and I teased her.

"Ahh well, I was thinking a playboy bunny look..." I paused to enjoy the mortified expression on her face "Kidding!"

The End

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