The new teacher who later introduced herself as Miss Reginold swept into the music room as i took my seat, she quickly showed her authority by telling Nessie and Luke to shut up.

"Good Morning Class" she said, turning to face the 36 pairs of eyes that looked back at her. "I am Miss Reginold" "I can see why she stayed a miss" retorted Ellie, afew of the people on her table sniggered. "Who said that?" shouted Miss Reginold, her eyes were wide and glaring around for anyone who looked suspicious.

"It was Nessie." I knew it. She seemed like a troublemaker from the start." called Ellie.

"It wasn't Nessie. Ellie is lying." Alex folded her arms.

"Ellie is lying Miss, Nessie didnt say that" I called glancing over towards Nessie, who was hiding her face behind her hair

"Ellie, Vanessa, Pippa and Alex will you all please follow me to my office you will all be punished" Miss Reginold said simply

I gathered up my stuff and shoved it into my bag before walking slowly towards a small office just down the hall from the music room. Alex caught up with me and Nessie and whispered to Nessie "Are you okay?" "Yeah, thanks you two for sticking up for me." "Its okay Nes what are friends for?" I said smiling sweetly.

We all halted outside Miss Reginolds office, and were called in one at a time to receive our red detention slip which stated that we were to go to the Detention Hall afterschool. Fanbloodytastic. 

The End

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