Sara: Sleeping in classMature

It was the first day of the school year, and my first day of 7th grade.  I was halfway done with my school career (excluding college), and I was no longer among the youngest at my school.  All in all, this promised to be a good year.

That day, however, would be tough to get through.  After three months of staying up late and waking up in the afternoon, it was difficult to adjust to a school schedule, let alone falling asleep at a reasonable time.  That had led to a private all-night dance party in my room.

"Miss Kenley?" my teacher said from the front of the room.  "Miss Kenley!  We're waiting..."

Great.  It was only my third class period of the year, and I already couldn't focus.  Okay, something about 5 times 7x+3 equaling 15...

"Um, three?"  It was a complete guess, but I couldn't let anyone else know that I had nearly fallen asleep.

"Incorrect.  The answer is zero.  Try to pay attention next time, Miss Kenley."

Yeah, like I was going to get that even if I was awake.  I figured I should at least make an effort to stay up, so I took out a sheet of paper and started drawing.  At first, I was just scribbling random shapes, but after a few minutes, it began to take on a definite form: a castle on a hill.  Wait-- what?  God, I really need to get some sleep...


The End

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