Miss ReginoldMature

I, Gwen Reginold, do not hate children. That would be absurd. What I hate is the way they act. And when I walked into the classroom I saw them up to their no good chattering.

"Thank you very much Mr. Lewes and Miss Jones," I said, "You know I don't tolerate in my class so I would be very grateful if you would please shut up. Thank you." I sweep my eyes around the classroom and noted their irritated looks and who-cares attitudes. It irritated me. 

"Good morning class." No answer. "I am Miss Reginold." 

"I can see why she stayed a 'miss'."

I turned around. "Who said that?" No answer. "Well, I'll have to punish the whole class."

"It was Nessie." I knew it. She seemed like a troublemaker from the start.

"Miss Jones, come with me."

"It wasn't Nessie. Ellie is lying." Alex folded her arms.

Vanessa hid her face. 

I sighed. Must they start with their shenanigans so early in the school year? 

"You know what? Why don't all of you come with me to the office?"

Ellie snorted and got up. As we walked I began to wish for the umpteenth time that I had a job teaching more mature students.

The End

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