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After Alex and Ellie's confrontation, Ellie finally stormed away dismissing the subject with a wave of her hand. I saw her pushed her way through the crowd, I also saw Matt wrapping his arms around her and kissing her. I bit my lower lip as rage boiled inside me. I had competition for Ellie and I wasn't going to permit it.

"Hey, see you after class?" Alex's voice brought me back from my idling. I looked at her pretty face turned up, a glint of flirt in her eyes.

"Sure," I said, stooping to kiss her. She smiled satisfactorily and locked her arms with Nessie, walking to their next class. Some minutes died away and I was left with a new girl with long curly blonde hair. "Hey, there. I've never seen you around."

She gave me a baffled and shy expression before lowering her eyes and speaking with a soft voice. I had to leaned close to her to be bale hear her, "I've been here before." She hugged her books closer to her chest, a certain blush rising to her cheeks.

I smiled politely, "then I must have been quite distraught for not noticing you." I placed a hand before me and waited for her to shake it, "I'm Logan."

She eyed the hand for some minutes, then slowly produced her hand and pressed mine, "Pippa."

"Nice to meet you," I said, pushing back my hair with my hand. I shouldered my bag and waved, "see you around then."

She smiled and walked toward her next class. I made my way down the hall to meet some of my buddies from Soccer Team. She seem very nice and friendly, but not the type of girl that would normally caught my eyes. She definitely was the trustworthy and kind one, like Nessie, I wondered if they got along well. She would be make a nice friend for Alex, a real friend and not only a mirage of Alex herself. Many of the friends that surrounded Alex were mirrors of the queen, none of them with thoughts and opinions of their owns. I felt Alex needed some real friends with real brains.

I felt funny thinking about that. One of my friends patted me on the back.

"Hey, Cap, welcome back to your kingdom!" Sam said, grinning widely, "this year's trophy is ours right? Last one before we're finally out of here."

"Can't agree more," I said.

The End

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