A New Crowd?Mature


I kept my head down throughout the rest of psychology, I could tell i had annoyed Miss Gaddon because i hadnt done the essay as she avoided the desk where Ellie and I were copying notes from the bulky textbook set between both Ellie and Myself.

When the bell finally sounded, i quickly shoved my notepad and pencilcase into my bag and got up to leave, however before i reached the door Miss Gaddon called me and Ellie back.

"Pippa, Ellie can you wait behind please" she called in a stern voice which made the rest of the class turn to look us both and suck air as if to say "Now your in trouble" before they were told to leave.

When they had eventually piled out the room, Miss Gaddon shut the door and turned to face us, a look of displeasure clearly visable behind her glasses.

"I expect to see that essay first thing tomorrow, If not then your parents will recieve a phonecall from me and you will both get an afterschool.

From the corner of my eye, i could see Ellie itching to argue back but biting her tongue hard trying to stop herself saying something that could get us both into trouble. I stared down at my feet, trying to look ashamed of myself for not doing the essay.

As soon as Miss Gaddon had finished her rant and said we could go both Ellie and I bolted for the door, Ellie was seething. When we a few corridors away from Miss Gaddons classroom Ellie said matter of factly "I'm Never Ever going to be able to produce an essay on that Psychometric approach to intelligence!"

When we reached the lockers, Ellie swanned to her greet Alex, who was sat with Logan, and I wondered off towards my locker, seeing Nessie rounding the corner, heading towards Alex, Logan and Ellie, until a very unkind comment made her freeze in her tracks. Ellie had muttered "Oh no, it's the fashion dropout" just loud enough so that Nessie could hear.

I scowled at Ellie from across the room, then made my way towards where Nessie was standing, I could see she was trying her hardest to make it look as though that comment hadnt stung, i could see that it had.

"Are you okay?" I mummered so that only she could hear

"Yeah Fine thanks" she replyed before she hurring off to stand my Alex, who had just told Ellie to "Shut the hell up"

Ellie looked taken aback - serves her right - I thought

The End

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