Here Comes The Fashion DisasterMature


For the first time ever I was so glad when the bell rang.  Our new History teacher Mr Davies was the dullest person this side of the moon.  Why the school had hired him I had no idea.  His voice was a monotonous drone that was threatening to send me to sleep from the first few syllables he uttered.

I could tell Luke was bored out of his mind too.  The margins of his paper were covered in random scribblings and doodles.

As soon as the lesson was over we were both up and out of our seats before the rest of the class.

'Well that was dire,' Luke said as soon as we were out of earshot of the teacher.  'I can't believe we're going to have to put up with that all year.'

'I was really looking forward to History as well,' I moaned.

'So where are you going now?'

'I said I'd meet Alex.  You can always come too if you like.'

'No way,' Luke said, holding his hands up in mock panic.  'That's your world, it's far too complicated for simpletons like me.  I'll catch you in Music later.'  He waved at me as he sauntered off down the crowded corridor.

It was strange having both Luke and Alex as my best friends but neither had ever met the other.  I wasn't sure if that was what I wanted, but for the moment I would have to deal with it.  It wasn't likely that the situation would change.

I caught sight of Alex standing with Logan at the other end of the corridor and began to push my way through the oncoming traffic.  I smiled as I grew closer.  But the smile was wiped off my face and I stopped immediately when I saw Ellie pull a face and whisper something to Alex.

'Oh no, it's the fashion dropout.'  I heard her mutter.  I usually tried not to be bothered by what people said about my clothes.  I knew I had no sense of style at all but I didn't see the point in dressing up when I could be comfortable. 

But this time the words stung and I wanted to run away and hide so I could cry.  On the other hand I didn't want Ellie to know she'd hurt my feelings.  I couldn't let brats like her bully me.

'Hey Ellie, shut the hell up ok?'  Alex said defensively.  'Why don't you go get a boyfriend or something?'

'Well maybe I will,' Ellie retorted, venom in her eyes as she flounced off the other way.

'Are you alright?'  Alex asked turning to me, her face concerned.  'She shouldn't have said that.'

'It's alright.  I suppose it hurt because it's true.'

'Then we'll have to sort that out won't we,' Alex said hugging me.  'I can make you the most stylish girl in school.  It'll be fun!'

'I don't think so Alex.'

'No buts,' she said, clearly getting the idea firmly fixed in her head.  'You can come round to mine and we'll have a girly night in, just like we used to.  Please.'

'I suppose I can fit it into my busy schedule,' I said, forcing a smile.  'As long as we can watch a film and eat popcorn.'


The End

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