Break time.Mature

Finally! The bell had rung for break. I was already bored with school work, although a new teacher for english was making things more fun than usual. She was pretty, and she had hardly stopped smiling throughout the class. Plus she had a really good fashion sense. I met Logan in the hallway and we chatted, but when we got outside I realised I had left my notebook in the classroom. I went back to get it. Miss Daley (that was her name) was clearing away the bits of paper left out.

"Hey Miss Daley, I think I left..." She handed my book over smiling. "Thanks."

"I thought  you'd be back for that. You're not a bad artist you know."

"Thank you. Um, well I'd better get going. Thanks again, and I really enjoyed class."

"Good. I'm pleased." I left, smiling at the compliment she had given me. Outside I saw Logan with my friends, and walked over to grab a kiss.

"Hey babe" he said, kissing me and slipping his arm around my waist. "Did you find it?"

"Yep." I reached up to steal another kiss, and heard a small 'huh!' from my left. Ellie. I could tell without even looking it was her. She was never my favourite out of the group, but recently she had been acting strangely towards me. I didn't understand it, and to be honest I didn't care. I finished kissing Logan and looked around for Nessie but couldn't see her. It felt strange without her there, it always did. Like I had no one watching my back or something. I shook the feeling away. That dream had freaked me out, I'd been feeling strange all morning.

Finally I saw Nessie coming towards the group. I smiled and beckoned to her, and she smiled back and began to make her way to me. Ellie pulled a face when she saw her and whispered

"Oh no, it's the fashion dropout." Nessie stopped, having heard the comment. Her face fell and she was obviously feeling awkward.

"Hey Ellie, shut the hell up ok? Why don't you go get a boyfriend or something?" I retorted, angry that she had hurt Nessie.

The End

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