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The first day of school after the summer holidays was always a drag. It was the one particular day of the entire year that everybody hated, including me. However the day was made even more worse by the fact that I was now watching Alex and Logan walking off down the corridor, his arm snaked round her waist, her head resting adoringly on his shoulder. It sickened me. To everyone else they were perfection, they had their very own King and Queen. What they didn't know was that the King had a dirty little secret. A small giggle escaped my lips and I turned round, heading to my next class.

Sliding into my usual seat at the back, I brought out my compact mirror and begun to study my reflection, checking for any imperfections. I pouted a little and fluffed up my hair. I was looking as gorgeous as always!

'Right class,' the teacher began. 'Today I'm going to pair you up with someone else and I want you to give a presentation on -'

'Sorry I'm late!' someone entered the room, interrupting Miss Gaddon. I lifted my eyes to the latecomer and identified her as Pippa Bramley. To me, Pippa had the potential to be incredibly pretty. Her hair was soft and healthy, but she always wore it tied back with an elastic band. She never wore any make up and usually wore plain jeans and a simple t shirt, hiding her slim figure. 

'Thank you for joining us Pippa,' Miss Gaddon greeted, her normally welcome voice was marred with sarcasm. 

Pippa flushed bright red and hurried to her seat.

'As I was saying, today I want you to pair up with someone and run through your essays that I assigned you over the summer, creating a presentation and telling the rest of the class what you found.'

Shoot! That essay was in for today?

I raised my hand into the air.

'Miss Gaddon?'

'Yes Ellie,' the teacher sighed, obviously fully aware of what I was about to say.

'I was incredibly busy over the summer holidays and the essay slipped my mind. Can I please have an extension?'

'Just as I guessed. Well, you may have until tomorrow. For now, you can pair up with Pippa. She can set a good example.'

I scrunched up my nose. 

'Right class, pair up with someone. Ellie, please sit next to Pippa.'

I sighed and dragged myself out of my seat, slipping into the available one next to Pippa. 

'Um...I actually haven't done my essay either,' she admitted in a sheepish tone looking at me with worried blue eyes. 

'Wow. Props to you.' I rolled my eyes.

'Is there a problem here?' Miss Gaddon appeared in front of our desk, her hands on her hips.

'She hasn't done her work either,' I smiled brightly. 'Guess that leaves us with nothing to do!'

'Pippa,' the teacher tutted. 'That's not at all like you.' 

'I know miss, I'm sorry!' 

'Well, I expect it in tomorrow. For now, you can copy an extract from the textbook on the psychometric approach of intelligence for psychology.'

A heavy book landed with a resounding thud on our desk. 

'Page 94 to 110. Hopefully this'll teach you to complete your homework on time for future. Enjoy.'

Oh how fantastic this day was going to be.

The End

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