I had done it again, left that one essay that was so tediously boring and looked horrible to do until the last night of the summer holidays, so there I was "Burning the Midnight Oils" as they say, my eyes drooping all the time staring at the flashing cursor on my laptop screen.  How was i meant to write about and evaluate the psychometric approach of intelligence for psychology when i couldn't keep my eyes open for more than 5 seconds at a time!

 My laptop and the annoying flashing cursor on the blank page, which over the past hour i had learned to hate blurred out of focus and it was as though an my body was suddenly out of my control, my head hit the pillow and i surrendered at last to the blackness behind my eyelids.

Beep Beep Beep

It didn't seem like 5 minutes that i had fallen asleep and now my alarm was blaring at me, I felt around with my hand and felt my way to the snooze button and bashed at the button to stop the noise. No sooner had I fallen into a light doze, that my mother came barging into the room, flicking on the light - making me instantly roll over and tuck my head underneath my duvet to try and regain some darkness.

"Come on, Get up Pippa!"

I grunted a response to her and slid from beneath my warm bed into the cold crisp air of my bedroom [Mum must have opened my bedroom window in the middle of the night again because it was freezing!]

After about half an hour i was finally ready to set off to school, a piece of jammy toast half in my mouth i managed to say bye, before getting into the drivers side of my car

The ride to school was not fun, I got stuck in roadworks on the main road that leads to the school, and they had set up a bloody convoy system which meant i had to drive at 10 mph through the roadworks and by the time i reached school the bell had gone making me late for my first lesson.

The End

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