The school bell rang signaling the break after a tedious morning of classes. I sauntered down the crowded hallway parting the throng of students with my dazzling gaze. Dreamy eyes from the many girls attending my school fell upon me, desiring me by their side, advantages that being a jock in high school brought along. My senior year in school was finally here, for that I was grateful. Summer vacation was spent in tropical islands where the water was crystalline and beach belles were quite a sight.

I opened my locker door and placed my books inside.

"Hey there," a female voice called from my right.

I felt fingers making their way up my arm, a hand finally resting on my shoulder. The strong perfume almost killed my nostrils as I turn to face Ellie. She placed her other hand in my chest and leaned in for a kiss.

"Hi Ellie," I said, stopping her from coming close to me. "How was summer?"

"I told you already!" she pouted, "you weren't listening, were you?"

"I always like to hear your voice again," I said, repairing my mistake. I placed a finger underneath her chin and lift her face. She giggled. Ellie had been an easy catch, it took me less than a month to get her interested in me and she has been craving for me ever since. Something that I learned to dislike.

"So, Romeo, wanna do something tonight?" her hand cupped my face.

I sensed eyes falling on us. Slightly, I pushed Ellie away from me, "not now, Ellie. People are watching."

Ellie frowned and pursed her lips, "why? Its not we are doing something wrong! Besides, you promised to break up with Alex after homecoming! I am sick of watching Alex all over you all the time."

"After homecoming," I repeated, "for now you should keep your hands to yourself." I said curtly. After watching the hurt expression in her face I added nonchalantly, "everything will come in its due time, just bear with me, okay hon?"

She gave me a sheepish smile, then her eyes brightened as she squealed, "we are going to be prom king and queen."

From afar, I saw Alex making her way down the hallway. My heart raced, she cannot see me with Ellie. "Hey, I gotta go. See you around." I left Ellie's side before she could said anything else and walked over to Alex.

"Hey doll," I greeted, my lips pressed on her as we submerge under the spell of a kiss. I took her books and her bag and walked beside her. Alex was, by far, my most important and satisfying hunt. Not only her body was perfect, but also her bubbly personality was engaging. Her lips were the most delicate I had ever kissed and I always longed for more of them.

"Hey baby," she smiled brightly, "how was class?"

"Torture," I chuckled, "I missed you like hell." I always knew what to tell girls to make them blush and never doubt of your affection towards them. As we passed right in front of Ellie, I saw her glowered at Alex. I felt an air of accomplishment inside.

"Ellie gives me the creeps," Alex whispered, "she has become so weird and wary. I feel like she doesn't like me. Nessie has voiced her feelings about her to me as well, not positive if I may add."

I slid my arm around her waist and held her close to me, I pressed my lips on her forehead and brushed a lock of her smooth hair away, "don't waste your time thinking about it. You know how Ellie is, just ignore her, she is not worth an ounce of your energy."

She smiled contently and told me about her summer vacation. I listened absentmindedly, I was busy looking at a new girl unknown to me. Her golden locks fell on her face, her mirthful laugh was jovial and serene. I desired once again as I looked up and down her slim and slender figure.

This was my life, as superficial and shallow as it might seem, it kept me entertained and wishing for more.

The End

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